In the modern world that we live in, there’s always an attempt on the part of app developers to introduce unique features to stand out from the crowd of other apps. In that regard, Tinderr came up with a ‘horoscope sharing and matching’ feature, that allows users to share horoscopes over the platform.

Tinderr now allows users to match their horoscopes with the people they are interested in. Interestingly, the chat box opens up only when at least 16 qualities have matched. One of the developers at Tinderr told DU Beat, “It gives us immense pleasure to announce that Tinderr in India shall work simultaneously with horoscopes. This brings an element of cutting edge innovation to matrimony, yet at the same time, simplify it.”
In the new version of the app, the users are supposed to upload their horoscopes rather than their ‘Bio’. The horoscopes can either be uploaded in the form of a pdf file, or the users can upload their details like place of birth and time of birth, and the app shall get their horoscopes prepared. For this process, Tinderr has tied up with more than 10,000 Pandit jis across the nation. As the user swipes right for a person, the app first checks whether the horoscopes are compatible or not. In case of incompatibilities, the algorithm first checks whether there is any ‘upaay’ to the problem, such as marrying a goat, or even a tree for that matter. Once the ‘kundli doshs’ of both the parties are solved, the chat box opens. Changes have also been made in the ‘expressions’ section. The earlier ‘heart and catapult’ setup has been exchanged with an ‘engagement ring and catapult’ setup. An ‘engagement ring’ from both sides shall lead to the ‘totally comfortable’ conversations across a secluded table in a fancy restaurant with two pairs of parents keeping an eye on the ‘couple’. For its Gold users, Tinderr also provides exquisite deals on fancy banquets.
With this added feature, Tinderr aims to revolutionise the matrimonial horizon altogether. The reception of the users is yet to be accounted for, but there is a wave of extended happiness amongst parents of single youth of the marriageable age.
They see it as a blessing as this saves them from the expense of calling up relatives and saying, “Koi Suitable Ladka/ ladki Ho Toh Dhyaan Rakhna Humara.”

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Feature Image Credits: The Times of India

Aashish Jain
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