the day after


The bright lights, scrumptious food and the beautiful decorations, all come crumbling down as soon as we wake up the next day after Diwali and have the very common ‘festive hangover’. Read our list of reasons why the next day after Diwali won’t be even as good as a bad day.

Diwali makes all of us happy – for some it is about the food, for some about the yearly house cleaning and for some, it is about the off day. But what happens the day AFTER Diwali? The rangolis are wiped out, the lights are brought down, the diyas are cleaned – and the existential dread sets in.

Here are five reasons why you won’t enjoy the day right after Diwali:

  • The pollution

The smoke filled air and the residual bits and pieces of all the zillion types of patakas are all that one can see the morning after Diwali. Not to mention the noises of the 8-year-olds bursting the leftover crackers in the middle of the day.

  • End of festive season

With an end to Diwali, comes the end to a vibrant and festive month of October. End of the festive season also means the end of the good food, family gatherings and off days. A lot of things will turn dull as soon as Diwali gets over and the decorations come down – from your clothes to your everyday food to your weekend plans.

  • End of semester

Where did the semester go really? After Diwali, the sad realization will dawn upon us that the semester is almost over and we will find ourselves making promises to ourselves to not lose track of time in the next semester. This shall also be the right time to start freaking out about attendance (and exams)!

  • Dread of exams

End of semester equals exams. And exams equal stress. And stress equals existential crisis. The day after Diwali, along with dullness, brings the dread of semester exams. Maybe now is the right time to buy those books and run after the class topper for notes!

  • The potbelly

One can’t expect to still be in shape the day after Diwali. After all, the gulab jamus, rasgullas, malpuas, etc have to go somewhere right? And all the amazing food you consumed during the festivities will be clearly visible through your tight shirt for the next week.

Honestly, I can’t think of any pro of the day after Diwali other than the leftover mithai in the fridge, but even that would give you a couple of more days with that potbelly! Then again, we have almost two months to get our festive spirits back up for Christmas.

Anagha Rakta
[email protected]