Ten to the Power


Like every other mission, Ten to the Power started as an idea. Ankit Durga and his self-admittedly net-savvy friends were following the Kony 2012 viral campaign and found two things remarkable and amusing. The campaign had been so successful in its impact and effect that people from India were joining in. That was remarkable. What was amusing and ironic was that India had over a hundred Kony-like scenarios existing in every district and state. Yet, the connection of the youth was to a people unknown, and a continent halfway across the world. It made them think about the missing factor which left the people ignorant and disconnected from the thousands of NGOs doing revolutionary work in their own country. The answer was simple: Communication. What they chose to do with the answer was innovative. Instead of restricting it to a living-room discussion, they decided to start a project which will focus on funding rural learning centres and organizations as well as making the students of Delhi step out of their comfort zones and work in terrains and social structures they’ve never seen or experienced. While their goal is development and social betterment, their main aim is to reach out to those people who need to get something in return even if they enough. The campaign they’ve chosen to work on is education. More importantly, education in the rural and inaccessible parts of India. After thorough research and interaction, the project has chosen the Purkul Development Youth Society to partner with and support their Early Child Learning Centre as well as their Women Empowerment Cell. It intends to increase the access of education to kids in their formative years as well as provide their parents with a source of income. The first phase of their project is just as simple. A hundred rupees. If every student in Delhi University contributed a hundred rupees, an entire rural school could be run on that alone.  To put things in perspective, a scoop of gelato or a dinner at Khan with enough equivalent power to fund a single child’s education for a day. The youth, as a collective have enough power to change every system of this country and sometimes, all it takes to bring them together is an idea like this one. For more information/to volunteer, visit – http://tentothepower.com/  ]]>