Tata Nano


If you thought that the rodeo bull ride or a tambola of environmental terms were the most unusual things about the SRCC festival think again. We bring to you some out of ordinary sights at this much talked about festival.

  • The Tata Nano kiosk was the centre of a lot of dancing and revelry. The men gyrating to ‘chikni chameli’ presented a ‘jaanlewa jalwa’ that would have given Katrina Kaif a run for her money with their jhatkas – matkas and the sheer feel with which they danced to the uncouth anthem of 2012.
  • After dancing for an entire minute on a current Honey Singh chartbuster like a mentally unstable person as was asked of her by the emcee a girl was rewarded not with a Tata Nano but a 4 days and 3 night’s stay at the Wazirpur Depo.
  • The hefty prize money delighted all the winners. The winner of the 3rd position in the pottery painting competition was thrilled to have won Rs.600 for painting geometrical patterns on her pot with great flourish and was seen indulging herself with some crispy Jalebis.
  •  Things got wild at the wild stone kiosk, taking the battle of the sexes to a whole new level, gender roles were reversed and girls were spotted applying make-up on the face of their better half with dedicated precision.
  • Taking inspiration from Zarine Khan, who was the showstopper at the fashion show, men got in touch with their feminine side by walking the ramp while wearing crazy coloured wigs usually sported by clowns at Ajanta Circus. After all the consumers of wild stone products are wild by nature.
  • Men competing to generate the maximum amount of foam by shampooing their hair the fastest at the fest were also spotted at the same kiosk. The winners were rewarded with wild stone merchandize.
  • While leaving the venue we witnessed the endearing sight of a father holding his infant child and jumping on the trampoline. This scene reminiscent of a Jeevan Bima advertisement made us believe that Crossroads was home to some of the most extraordinary delights.

    Pragya Lal
    [email protected]