Hindu College alumnus Imtiaz Ali was in Delhi earlier this week, along with the lead cast of his latest film Tamasha. In the last leg of the Delhi promotions, two students from Hindu College got the opportunity to interview the director, along with Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in the Punjab Kesari office.

The girls, Pratishtha Mahajan and Disha Jindal are final year students studying English (Hons) at Hindu College.

Imtiaz Ali has always been very fond of Ibtida, the Dramatics Society of his alma mater. He was excited to interact with the students from the University and quickly told them that he expects the smartest questions from them. Ranbir Kapoor followed and asked both the student interviewers to surprise them with their witty skills.

“It was an informal long conversation, and rather than asking them the same, worn-out questions about the film, we had a 15 minutes long rapid-fire instead. It was a fun interaction where the rapid fire questions were candid, from favorite emojis to celebrity crushes to annoying habits, and the responses were equally fun”, says Pratishtha Mahajan, one of the interviewers.

Ranbir and Deepika also shared their fond memories from school days and talked about how one should not live to impress others or fulfill others’ dreams. Imtiaz Ali gave out a message to University students and added, “Parents’ expectations pull you down. We end up compromising on our dreams and I think that needs to stop”.

The stars praised the young interviewers for their ice breaking questions which gave them an easy closure to Delhi promotions!

The interview was published on ED | The Youth Blog for these students. Full interview can be read here.
Featured Image Credits: ED

Kritika Narula
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