Talking Tarot


Tarot for this week

By Jessica Sadana

Aries: you have the privilege of being carefree and indulging in youthful activities. Also you tend to surround yourself with goodness and appreciate simple joys. Innocence is what describes this state the best. It’s a time when you could receive unexpected gifts and news.

Taurus: it’s a week to celebrate friendship and establish new partnerships. You finally recognize a bond that is developing. Forgive and forget. Sharing and helping are the key words for making new connections.

you are bursting with energy and feeling on top of this world. Work on developing a team spirit and forming a group bond. Learn to place your trust in others. Exuberance and happiness are the key words this week.

Cancer: you are appealing and popular; also create a powerful first impression. This month you are loaded with enthusiasm but need dedication and focus to achieve what you want. Keep a check on your health.

you need to be frank and get straight to the point. Let others know what you feel and show little discretion. You might lack sensitivity in personal relationships and don’t undervalue your intuition. You need to work on your tolerance levels.

Virgo: you are gifted with natural artistic ability. Also you tend to become the focus of attention very soon. There is an atmosphere of excitement around you and you carry authority naturally. You are charismatic, bold and inspire a lot of people.

Libra: it’s a time to seek out uncharted areas and going in quest for a new adventure. Plan for the times to come and learn to anticipate obstacles. You might serve as a representative and set an example for others to follow. Foresight and leadership are the key words this week.

you achieve what you desire and see your dreams coming true. It’s a time where you indulge in a little smugness and enjoy the situation just as it is. Appreciate efforts made by others. It’s a time when you feel attracted to someone and cannot seem to overcome the feeling.

withdrawing from involvement and allowing events to proceed without intervention is what this week brings with it. Seek guidance from within and be receptive. Learn to look beyond the obvious and acknowledge the shadow.

you show moderation as far is work is concerned. It’s a time to experience harmony and achieving equilibrium. Gather together what is needed for future projects. Enjoy your well-being and good health.

Aquarius: its time to put plans into action and making your move. Also this week marks the closing of an activity and conclusion. All you need is a bit of information and finding the missing puzzle piece. You have a meaningful conversation with someone close to you.

Pisces: you know what you need for growth and see right to the heart of the matter. Maintain your composure in an emotional situation. Also respond to the emotional needs of others and learn to accept limitations of others.