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What if there is a completely different species of humans living among us? What if we are somehow connected to each other in real time? What if there were an inbuilt world wide web of humans? Such questions are taken up in the riveting Netflix show, ‘Sense 8’. Sense 8 is a sci-fi drama that follows the lives of eight ‘sensates’ who can see, feel, and experience the lives of those within their ‘cluster’. It is a form of internet framework that exists within eight individuals, where everyone’s skills and abilities can be pooled together. Using these shared resources and skills, these ‘homo sensoriums’ work through the obstacles in their lives. Still not intrigued? Each season features a big orgy scene! With locations and actors from all across the globe, this show includes them all. Not only that, but this show is also very LGBTQ inclusive. Through this, Sense 8 showcases how people from different cultures, different identities, and different orientations live. What may seem problematic is the insistence of cultural stereotypes in the show. The role of Kala (Tina Desai) who actually sits and talks to Ganesha’s statue feels forced and not relatable to the average Indian. Though, in the larger picture, the show depicts an (exaggerated) tussle between religion and science in our country at the moment. In terms of originality, the show’s creators, Lilly Wachowski, Lana Wachowski, and J. Michael Straczynski have achieved a great feat. A great sci-fi show is one which makes you want to live the lives of its characters. It should neither be too distant from reality, nor, should it let its audience base escape easily. Sense 8 succeeds in  preventing that with ease. While watching the pilot one might lose track of who’s who and what’s happening, but as the show progresses and each character realise their neo-human state, the intra and inter character development reflects the brilliance of the acting abilities as well as of the cinematography of the show. Like any other drama, this show also has a villain, in the form of a research facility called Biological Preservation Organisation (BPO) that is trying to uproot ‘sensates’ from the face of the earth. Again, thanks to the brilliant creators of this show, the reasoning that ties everything is very realistic and logical. BPO came into existence due to the humane fear of the different. Since someone ‘different’ becomes a threat to the rudimentary functioning of society, their first instinct is to get rid of it. In a deeper sense, this explains the origins of prejudice, violence, homophobia, and transphobia. Sadly, since the show couldn’t garner a sizeable viewership compared to its budget, Netflix had to call-off further production of the show. Fortunately, for the Sense 8 fans, a finale is on its way sometime during this year.   Feature Image Credits: Netflix Raabiya Tuteja [email protected]]]>