th, “Mashgool”, the drama society of Symbiosis Law School Noida in collaboration with the Legal Aid Centre, organised a street play in Jesus and Mary College (JMC) on “Victimisation in Dating Abuse: Tale of Three Consensual Victims”. The fifteen-minute play created legal awareness among students about their indulgence into physical relationships too early in their lives. The play depicted a story of three girls who entered relationships and eventually became victims of rape and cheating. The court scene at the end of the play made them aware that a victim who had entered the physical relationship with consent has no rights to seek legal remedy. Through three different examples signifying rape, deception and threat, the play threw light upon on the implications one may face while entering into an immature physical relationship. [caption id="attachment_34879" align="aligncenter" width="428"]NSS JMC organised a workshop in collaboration with NGO Hope4U NSS JMC organised a workshop in collaboration with NGO HopeInU[/caption] On the same day, NSS JMC in collaboration with NGO HopeInU Foundation organised a workshop by the speakers Smriti Easwaran and Dwaipayan Majumder. The workshop, as a part of its new campaign in association with a Switzerland-based company, CrowdGuard, was about “Bystander Activation”. Through videos and interactive activities, the students were educated about the cause, effects and implications of being bystanders along with methods to break the prevalent practice. The speakers elaborated on the answers of how or when to de-escalate, intervene and stay safe. The students were then encouraged to give their support and join the mobile supported crowdgaurd movement to make Delhi a safer place to live in. HopeInU, being one of India’s women-centric organisations has been working for the betterment of young woman, with a special focus on Delhi University. For this purpose, they have organised talks and workshops in various colleges previously. Lovleen Kaur [email protected]   Photo credits: Nikita Gupta ]]>