rakhi-ka-swayamvara300Once in a while comes a show that shakes the very foundations of television sanity. NDTV Imagine’s latest reality show: Rakhi ka Swayamvar takes the cake , with icing and even the cherry on top!

Reality television never got so entertaining. The sky rocketing TRPs are ample proof of that. Detractors of the damsel in question maybe falling over themselves criticizing her as the epitome of “ PDA- public display of annoyance” but love it or hate it the show can become an absolute obsession.

As the recently single television star embarks on her quest to find true love, one can’t help but marvel at the sheer drama of this particular swayamvar. Choosing from a host of prospective grooms who range from an age of 18 to 35, the show is to culminate in a live video cast of Rakhi marrying one of these knights in shining armour. However, the “prize”, which in this case is the fair one’s hand, is not a matter of run of the mill wooing .This picky lady shall ensure the physical and mental agility of her suitors.

Whether it is the sudden transformation of the in your face item girl to the coy lass or the string of the arduous suitors going through obstacle courses to get “the moon and stars” for the lady of their dreams, the high entertainment quotient is undeniable.

A brilliant albeit unintentional comedy, the show has definitely created waves. As the inmates of the desi big brother, gear up to stupefy the small screen Indian viewers with another big bother, you are left with two alternatives. You can curl up your lip in distaste, roll your eyes and waggle your head or simply sit back switch off your brain and unabashedly watch the show for its cheap thrills.