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September 10 is observed as the World Suicide Prevention Day. Suicide cases are on the rise in recent years due to reasons that need to be minimized to ensure good mental health.

On the day of September 10 organizations like World Health Organization (WHO) and International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) organize various events to promote and conduct activities for spreading more awareness about suicides. With the increasing number of suicide rates, let’s have a look at the leading causes leading to such tragedy:

  • Depression

There are over 350 million people who suffer from depression all across the world. Low self-esteem is a huge contributor. Everyone sets targets for themselves and failing to complete them can demoralize them and make them question themselves. Family issues are also undeniably a great cause for mental stress. Resorting to alcohol and other drugs seems as an easy solution to let go of the stress one undergoes. But again, that has disastrous effects which ultimately leads to addiction and contributes towards isolation from friends and family.


  • Peer Pressure

Peers fulfill an essential social requirement all of us have. But their impact can go wrong  at times. In a competitive environment, not being able to do what your peers do or not achieving something as good as your peers can inject a sense of low morale in oneself. The thought of not doing something worthwhile terrorizes the mind and harms mental health.

Creating awareness on prevention of suicides
Creating awareness on prevention of suicides


  • Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying cases have intensified with the rise of the internet’s popularity where over 25% of the teens have reported to being repeatedly bullied over the internet. In recent times, there has been an outburst of suicidal cases due to a game called “The Blue Whale Challenge” which is targeting  teens. The challenges include tasks like carving a whale on your body and eventually, the last challenge of the game requires the person to commit suicide.


  • Relationship Issues

Being in a relationship is seen as a very normal part of our lives today. However, deep attachment to your partner and the inability to cope up with conflicts induce a great degree of pain that encourages self-harm and even suicide. Such cases make a person’s mind fragile and they are exposed to suicidal thoughts eventually resulting in committing suicide.


But amidst all the mental chaos, we must not forget that we have been blessed with the gift of life and that we should rejoice it. Talking to friends or family members can lessen our burden and also help us find solutions to any problems. Sports, games, music, debates etc. help us in keeping our minds healthy. Hanging out with friends or reading a book may help too. Doing social work helps one feel satisfied and fills one with joy. There are adequate ways to cope up and solve mental issues that trouble us. But we must face it and overcome such hurdles. So this September, let’s smile and spread smiles to let people know that we care.

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