Steve Jobs


“Now you can shop at the world’s No.1 music store. Which means you can browse and buy songs, albums and films anytime you want.” This is the proclamation that the Apple website makes to inform us all that the iTunes store is now accessible in India. Thereafter the site just brags a little, typical Apple eh? The good, rather great news is that now we all can shop for music, movies etc. right from our desktops. But then again, this news is sweet symphony only to those of us who aren’t acquainted with torrent or steer clear of downloading illegal content, I’m trying very hard not to crack wise on this part of the audience.

Nevertheless this is monumental news, as there were a good amount of rumours that Apple was running for exit from India a few years back. We must also bear in mind that it took the company decades to bring the iTunes Store to India even though the company had made its appearance long back. In a conference call with investors and analysts on July 24, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that he loved India but there was little business opportunity in the country to sell the company’s products. India had influenced Steve Jobs in many ways and still India stayed hungry and foolish for the iTunes store for a very long time.

Enough of the gripes and grumbles look at the bright side; we can download Dabangg 2, Talaash and other sound tracks side by side with Taylor Swift and Bob Marley songs! Angry Birds, AC/DC and A R Rahman all on the same portal, guys it is the Pandora’s Box of entertainment!

So Yellow Submarine, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Rolling in the Deep and Fevicol Se all under the same roof, is this a sign of the impending apocalypse?

Anugrah Gopinath

[email protected]