With coronavirus cases increasing daily in Delhi at an exponential rate, a staffer from the University of Delhi (DU)’s School of Open Learning (SOL) tests positive for the virus.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has been raging across India since March, 2020. With the country under an unprecedented lockdown and no end in the near sight coupled with the rise in cases, India currently has around 40,000 active cases with around 2000 people succumbing to the virus. With the virus still spreading after more than twomonths of lockdown in Delhi, one of the latest people to be infected with it is a staffer serving in Delhi University (DU).
The Staffer who works as an junior assistant-cum-typist in the School of Open Learning got tested positive for Corona Virus on 5 May 2020. It is suspected that he caught the disease after going to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital for a routine check up, one of the hospitals where majority of the fatalities of the deadly coronavirus have been reported.

After developing mild breathing problems, an early indicator of the virus, the staffer got himself tested at a private facility. After finding himself to be positive for Coronavirus, he reported himself to the authorities and has been quarantined at the Narela Quarantine Centre.

The man who was staying with his aged parents at the staff quarters in Dhaka, Northwest Delhi before being moved to the quarantine centre. His wife and children were away and the university and local authorities have been informed, with the staff quarters at Dhaka about the necessary precautions and safety of the inhabitants, and an immediate sanitization of the area for the same.

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Lady Shri Ram College for Women witnessed long queues during the admissions to first cut-off list due to lack of staff and technical issues. Volunteers played an important role throughout the process.

The corridors of Lady Shri Ram College for Women witnessed chaos and anarchy as students had a hard time during the admission procedure at the first cut off. The students who entered the gates on the first day of announcement of first-cut off list for admission to the college i.e. 28th June 2019 were stuck in the college premises till 8 p.m. after which the college declared that the admission procedure could not be continued. It was also observed that some applicants had to be stay back in the campus till 10 p.m. for completing the admission procedure. Candidates who couldn’t get admitted on the first day were compelled to report the next day and could only get admitted till 6 p.m. on 29th June 2019.

“Lack of proper execution was clearly evident as many students who got their tokens at 11 a.m. were done with the process. On the other hand, those who got their tokens at 9 a.m. kept waiting,” said Manvi Sharma, a student who witnessed the chaos herself.

Lack of staff involved in the admission process and frequent technical setbacks were cited as the primary reasons behind the colossal delay.

The outstation students had to face more problems as many had to search for an accommodation. Many missed their flights and trains, thereby obstructing their schedules. Leha, an applicant who resides in Greater Noida said, “My home is two hours away from the college. It’ll be extremely late when I reach home. The college must adhere to these issues while executing the admission procedure.

Parents had to wait for long hours which led to skirmishes between them and the administration. Rakhi, a parent who was present on the first day of admissions said, “My ward got her college enrollment form at 11 a.m. and was not able to get her admission formalities completed till 8 p.m. It was only the next day when the parents put forth their grievances, that the college followed a proper system.”

The volunteers were seen patient throughout the process. They addressed the grievances and assured both the applicants and their parents that the admissions would be completed at the earliest.

It is expected that the second cut off would unfold in a less chaotic manner unlike the first day of the verification process

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

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