Every year, societies from colleges across the campus compete neck to neck and put up spectacular performances during the fest season. This year too, saw certain teams shine a little brighter than the rest. We bring you a series with college societies that put their heart and soul into their respective fields and took home the top prizes at various cultural fests.

The best college society in each category was selected by creating a tally of the top 3 positions at competitive events held during various cultural fests of this season. Whenever a society won the first prize they were awarded 3 points, for the second position they received 2 points and for the third position, 1 point was added to their tally.

For the Choreography category, Srijya, Hindu College scored the maximum points in the tally. Hindu College secured the first place with a score of 15 points. They were followed by Terpsi Chorean , Hans Raj College with a score of 12 points and Sparx, Gargi College at 5 points.


 The Winning Society at a glance

Srijya, Hindu College

The production titled, Vengeance, dealt with the mindset of society. The production thematically attempted to bring a new angle to the well known dicing game and Draupadi cheerharan episode. By inserting a feminist angle and by making it their own, the winning performance questioned why Draupadi should have freed the husbands who watched as she was abused openly.

Radhika Agarwal , the vice president of Srijya said, “There are no words to describe this feeling. It feels great to finally have your hardwork acknowledged by everyone that you admire, and we are over the moon because of the feedback we have been getting from all the judges as well as the audience. We are extremely happy that we were able to live up to the expectations we had set for ourselves and make a mark”

Performing Members: Radhika Agrawal, Sonakshi Mittal, Kalpita Kachroo, Himani Sahni, Niharika Jain, Ashrita Arora, Ascharya Dagur, Sanjana Bhardwaj, Sheena Thukral, Ananya Iyer, Chandan Singh, Prince Kumar Gogoi, Aditya Singh, Sidharth Yadav, Arushi Mathur, Pali Singh.

Winners Tally: Srijya (Hindu College)

Seven fests were taken into account in our analysis for this series which were Montage (JMC), Nexus (Sri Venkateshwara College), Mecca (Hindu College), Crossroads (SRCC), Reverie (Gargi College), Tarang (LSR) and Confluence (Hans Raj College).

Following is the list of winning performances by Srijya (Hindu College) :

Ist Position: Tarang 2016 (LSR), Nexus 2016 (Sri Venkateshwara College), Reverie 2016 (Gargi College), Crossroads (SRCC) and Confluence (Hansraj College)

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Tooba Towfiq
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