Watching Tom Holland’s nerdy and adorable Peter Parker go on a Europe Trip, to take a break after coming out of the Blip got me thinking, how often do these Superheroes take rest? Far From Home showed us that even if they don’t, Superheroes should and need to take a break from all the super-heroing they do, including our poor little ball of cuteness Spider-Man. Jon Watts focuses a part of the film to Peter’s private high-school life. The trip, his crush on Zendaya’s MJ, Ned and his new girlfriend, a seeming threat in Brad Davis along with the intermingling of those painful moments where we see poor Parker reminisce his mentor/father figure Tony Stark build the larger part of this film’s narrative. Unlike other Marvel or any other superhero franchise film Far From Home’s best moments were not in its superhero dilemma and standoff with the villain parts, rather this film was more exciting in high school life moments. This was the break that even Marvel had to take after delivering the stay-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-and-try-not-to-blink Avenger’s Endgame. Don’t get me wrong, the CGI was great, Mysterio was fun and the plot was fine, but it did become predictable and won’t go down as an awesome superhero movie rather it was an awesome teen-comedy. It has the basic formula trope of a fun-filled plot with a vacation in the aesthetically pleasing Europe with a high-school class bonding with each other on the way. Parker’s angst and pain are corroborated with the comic aspects of the other stereotypical characters like the savage MJ, innocent Ned, the jock Brad, overwhelmed teachers and poor Flash. Peter Parker in Far From Home rightfully showed us that heroes need a break and just like him, we do too. So when the next weekend comes around, sit still, get that peaceful sleep that you want, meet your old friends, watch old movies, eat good food and take a stress-free breath of fresh air without thinking about that impending new year of college or work stress.   Image Credits: The Wrap Sakshi Arora [email protected]]]>