As the time for the admission season draws nearer, DU aspirants can often be seen in various stages of distress, a lot of which can be blamed on lack of proper information from reliable sources. If you find yourself or someone close to you in a similar position, we’ve got you covered!

School Seniors

This one is a no brainer. The perks of knowing and hanging out with seniors in school isn’t limited to just getting insider info and adding to your cool quotient. Your seniors, a lot of whom find themselves in DU, can also be very helpful during the admission period, given that they went through the same process themselves the previous year. There are some things that no official guide can cover but your seniors will be able to tell you about, including random but important things like all the supplies and documents to carry on the day you visit colleges for applications and the best mode of transportation to get there.

If you’re confused about the pros of one college over the other, catch hold of a senior who will be able to dish on things beyond what will be included in anything you’ll find on the college websites or other guides- the kind of faculty, societies, food in the canteen and other opportunities available. Since most DU freshers make it a point to visit other colleges, either during festivals or otherwise, and also usually have friends in other colleges as well, their information isn’t limited to just their colleges either. Other than this, they will also be able to calm your frazzled nerves in case you find yourself freaking out about admissions.

It would be great to maintain a database of your seniors and their colleges so that you know whom to contact.

Teachers/ Professors

If you know someone who teaches at Delhi University or works behind the scenes in the administrative department, you have hit the jackpot in terms of the kind of information they will be able to give to you. From the tentative release of the application forms to faculties in different colleges and what is going on behind the scenes of the latest move by the Delhi University administration, you can possibly know it all.

They will also be able to ease things a little in case of fee refunds or acquiring documents back from the administrative office in case of a withdrawal of admission by guiding you through the procedure and giving you insider tid-bits about whom to contact.

Delhi University’s Official Website

The most obvious go-to for any information about DU should definitely be its official website. Though a little slow to load sometimes and tardy about updating, you will find all the latest notices and announcements related to cut-offs, attendance, various criteria etc. here. Even after your admission, DU’s website will be your saviour in terms of official notices, course content and examination datesheets. It also has a lot of information about the various initiatives taken by the university, alumni and other amenities if you are excited to learn more about your prospective place of studying.

Individual College Websites

While DU’s website will more or less cover any official university notices you should be aware about, it is a good idea to check out the websites of colleges you’re the most interested in. Most college websites post information about different departments and may even list their faculty members and their qualifications. They also include the latest initiatives taken up by the college, notable achievements by their students, faculty and alumni, and other updates on the amenities offered by them.

Again, the website of the college you get into will become an important sources of information to you as colleges often post about the orientation schedule and their official list of holidays.

DU Beat

Not to sound too full of ourselves, but DU Beat has been around since 2007 as an independent student newspapers that covers almost everything of importance that happens in the wildly happening Delhi University. With DUB correspondents present in a lot of DU colleges and covering festivals, events and protests, you can rest assured that you’ll be on top of everything major that’s going on.

The print edition is circulated weekly in a lot of colleges and the online edition (available at dubeat.com) is updated daily and overcomes some distribution barriers, along with our Facebook and Instagram pages (@du_beat) and Twitter account (@du_beat).

A team of incredibly cool people works tirelessly to live upto DU Beat’s name- the ‘beat’ of DU. DUB also covers important issues that need attention, gives you first-hand experience at the best food places for college students and basically talks about everything that will be relevant to you during your college life.

Shubham Kaushik

[email protected]

picture credits: thenextweb.com