They say that starting something new is easy; sustaining it is where the real challenge resides. These words are golden. I have seen their manifestation in my very own life. And how!

When I joined college a year ago, various aspects of DU life excited me. But one bug that bit me the hardest was the fashion bug. I remember spending the entire month before joining college, trying to put together a look for myself. I would endlessly sit before the computer screen, surfing fashion articles, Google Images and YouTube videos in my hollow pursuit. Finally, when I did settle on something I liked, I remember dragging my mother to the nearest mall and coming home almost penniless!

It was only after I felt that I was fully equipped with a trendsetting wardrobe, did I put an end to my shopping sprees. With bags full of clothes and accessories, I moved into my tiny hostel room. Lack of space was no deterrent. I was determined to be the Sarah Jessica Parker of my college.

Finally, when college began, I started to bring out my outfits one by one. Every night, I’d invest time and effort in trying out different combinations and seeking others’ approval. However, the tedium was both rewarding and unforgiving. Though I’d have a mind-blowing look for the next day, I’d also have a huge pile of clothes on my bed, demanding my attention. The mess used to take so long to tidy, that often, I’d just sleep on the pile!

These amusing tales, however, belong to the pages of my “Fuccha Diary”. Ever since I’ve moved into my second year, my attitude has taken a 360 degree turn. Not only has my dressing sense become sloppy, but my interest in college fashion has also completely paled. Now, looking even remotely presentable seems like the least of my concerns.

I think the cause for this change can be attributed to my second year. When you come back to college as a senior, the excitement that stems from the novelty of DU dies. Also, you have other, more critical things to worry about (e.g.: getting out of bed and actually making it to college!). Fashion takes a back seat and focus shifts to academics, internships, extracurricular activities and coaching for entrances.

In the light of our realistic constraints, it can be said that we, the sophomores of DU, are handing over a massive responsibility to the freshers. We are passing on the baton. It is now up to them to carry forth the legacy and make the streets of DU look fashionable. Let the freshers strut around in their fancy attire. We, on the other hand, are content in walking those same streets in our pyjamas and chappals!

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Watch out this space for more fashion gyaan!


Featured Image Credits: www.cennamology.com

Kriti Sharma
[email protected]