Society of General Awareness


The Society of General Awareness recently saw the celebration of it’s annual awareness week, from 4th to 9th February 2016 which was an amalgamation of six events spread across the six days of the week, each peculiar in its approach and perfect in the execution. In the first of its kind event, the awareness week, Avgat worked at increasing the societal presence of every individual by bridging the gap created by economy and misfortune in particular classes.
The Annual Awareness week Avgat started with a seminar on ‘Together we can cancel cancer’ by the founding chairperson of ‘Can Kids, Kids can’, an organization run by cancer survivors. Narrated in the same dreadful tone as it hit them, the survivors told the story of their being, talked about the segregation they faced and ultimately urged the attendees to break the stigma that was associated with cancer patients.

Taking the flow of events towards another social issues, the SGA called in organizations working for the empowerment of underprivileged people like widows, children and ex-prisoners to come, propagate and sell their goods and take a step further towards a more tomorrow in the ‘Adbudh Mela’ which was followed by more than twenty-five NGOs recruiting volunteers for more than a 1000 internships next day at the ‘Social Internship Fair’.
The staring of the Love week was marked by a tour to the orphanage, ‘Baccho ka Ghar’ where the volunteers got to interact and bond with the children and shower their affection on them parting with lots of blessings and gifts for every one of them.


The fourth edition of the annual quiz competition Inquivesta was seen the next day as about a couple hundred quizzers from around the town converged for what was about to be an enthralling competition with cash prizes of 4000 and 2000 for the first and second positions respectively.

The week concluded with the speaker session, Samvad bringing in 7 speakers from different fields to share the stage and interact with the audience. With the highlight of the event being RJ Naved, the event finished with a bunch of sighs, some creases on the forehead and lots of cheers. The volunteers went back home with a sense of pride and satisfaction etched on its back as they had just succeeded in organizing the grandest event in the history of the society.