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The crisis of the COVID-19 virus saw a large number of ups and downs. Yet, some people did not stop endeavoring for their dreams. The young Entrepreneurship wave of DU has raised the bar and has become an exceptional source of motivation for everyone. Read ahead to find out more.  

It is rightly said by Gandhi Ji, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” When the world was struggling to breathe, some people had set their eyes to become the trailblazer. Amidst such strenuous times, these people were setting out to do something impactful. Under no circumstances, was their zeal shaken. These people have created an example for the masses to follow. They are the young entrepreneurs who chose not to stop even when the world had come to a halt. Their Entrepreneurship drive has truly become a beacon of hope for many.

To tackle the challenges posed by the pandemic, curbs were imposed across the globe and people got confined in their humble abode. Yet, these constraints could not stop the students from the University of Delhi to pave a path of productivity. These students found ways to spend their time creating businesses instead of procrastinating about tomorrow which seems to be the favorite pastime activity for most.

The fondness and the creativity of these students led them into finding ways to monetize their avocations. Safe to say, the deep affection that we all share for the work we undertake made us stumble upon a few entrepreneurs. The Postcard Store, which turned their affection for the postcards into a blooming online mini store, is based in Delhi and their adventure started from the heart of the National Capital, University of Delhi (DU), amid the medical crisis. In conversation with DU Beat, The Postcard Store enlightened us about their creative idea of going beyond technology and connecting people. Further, they are a small team of Delhiites and cater to the demography of people in the age group of 20-30.

The idea clicked at that time (Pandemic) because people needed and still do, a handwritten little note which reminds them that they are not alone. This has been the major force behind our business. We look forward to connecting people beyond technology.

-The Postcard Store, in conversation with DU Beat

Thee_basicss, started by Harshita Handa from Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College, DU during the coronavirus scare, is a business that provides “the” gifting solution. The business caters to gifting needs ranging from ideation of unique digital artworks to making them with the sole purpose of bringing smiles to everyone’s faces. In conversation with DU Beat, Harshita cast light on her inspiration. She started the business out of her love for art and designing new things along with conceptualizing artistic contrivances. Her audience ranges from teens to married couples who want to make special days even more special.

A lot of time was at my disposal that made me prone to think about various ideas every day. Clubbing my passion for art and love for creation into a business was a very appealing thought to me. The rise of online buying among people during the pandemic made it a super interesting idea for me to pursue.

-Harshita Handa, founder of Thee_basicss 

Now, moving on to the subject of luxury; when one hears this word, they come with all guns blazing because of the alarmingly high prices but what if I say that this luxury has become affordable? Rhemi is a one-stop-shop for affordable luxury. Started by Rhea Premi, a student of Kamla Nehru College, DU, started her business due to her adoration of bags. In conversation with DU Beat, the founder of Rhemi expressed her dejection to observe the singularity of taste among the fast fashion designs of bags and the high prices of the avant-garde luxurious brands. This set her off to start a business that would provide affordable luxurious bags. Her brand caters to the people who are looking for unique statement pieces on budget, which mainly includes high school students, college students, women, and men. What is more interesting about this brand is the founder’s story of inspiration. Rhea told DU Beat about her forever keenness towards starting something of her own. The pandemic gave her the perfect opportunity to brainstorm about it and become an inspiring example.

In my family, a woman has never started her own business. I wanted to break that chain and start something of my own. I want to be financially independent and support my family. Having a business is extremely fascinating and a whole another level of learning. I started brainstorming about the same during the pandemic. Since I have always been interested in business, it did not take long for me to find Rhemi.

-Rhea Premi, founder of Rhemi

The enthusiasm to stand out of the crowd continues as Vanya Jain, a first-year journalism student from Kalindi College, DU, started a resin business amidst the medical crisis solely because of her inclination towards her artistic flare. However, in conversation with DU Beat, Vanya highlighted the issues she faced amid the crisis. The main component of her business is the material- resin. Due to the curbs imposed, she had to wait for almost a week to restock her material which ceased her business to flourish. Nevertheless, Vanya continues to work hard and grow her business.

It takes a lot to stand out of the crowd and take risks but eventually you will realize it’s worth it. After all, extraordinary things do not happen ordinarily.

-Vanya Jain, founder of Resin Business

Every business took a bullet due to the restrictions imposed. The growth and independence of the businesses, especially the ones which started during these times, were heavily impacted. Yet, the way these businesses tackled the issue is quite commendable and encouraging.

Due to the government restrictions, our business took a major stop-off as long as 3-4 months. We overcame this setback by handling our Instagram handle more creatively. Our store got back on track after this.

-The Postcard Store

The way of the world is such that nothing comes without the ups and downs. What is important is to never cease endeavoring and never put a halt to the process of hard work and dedication. Leaving a mark in an oblivious world is surely a difficult task but making the impossible possible is the step that everyone remembers for eternity. This pandemic might offer hardships. However, believe in yourself and start putting in hours to make your dream come true because it is not the end until things turn your way.

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Featured image Credits: The Times of India

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