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The young visionaries from across the nation showcased their innovative endeavours in the field of social entrepreneurship at Enactus National Symposium and Competition 2019.

The Enactus National Symposium and Competition 2019 was held at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi on 13th July. From a number of active Enactus chapters across the country, around 70 colleges applied for the championship out of which 30 colleges had the opportunity to compete and present their projects as contenders for the prestigious Enactus National Cup.
Enactus is a worldwide platform that facilitates an exchange between students and business leaders with an aim to create sustainable leadership for the future. Student groups in colleges are encouraged to work towards problems affecting the communities around them by the means of social entrepreneurship. Enactus opened its Indian chapter in 2008 and has since made headway into 108 institutions across the country. Every year these teams compete for the opportunity to represent India in the Enactus World Championship held in September.
The preliminary round of the competition saw the 30 teams being allotted to five different leagues. Presentations were held simultaneously at five halls. These halls were completely packed throughout as competitors and observing teams were earnestly listening to the presentations. Each team was permitted to present two of their successful projects to the judges; this was quickly followed by a thorough question and answer session.
The range of issues tackled by the participating teams was incredibly impressive. Going well beyond basic research, the teams sought to create projects which benefitted communities who are often overlooked. One such example was Project Oorja undertaken by Hindu College. The idea was to provide a sustainable and affordable source of electricity to street vendors who normally spend atleast INR 25 per day on electricity. The solution was solar powered lamps which was a one-time investment and promised durability for at least a period of five years. A lot of the projects displayed were also aimed at reusing the enormous amounts of waste that the consuming class generates. Projects that used waste tires as a sole for footwear and plastic waste as a filler component in pillows were also presented.

The final round of the competition kicked off with Mr Arun M Kumar, Chairman, Enactus India National Advisory Council and Chairman and CEO, KPMG India, addressing the competitors and emphasising that more and more young people are now thinking about making a difference through entrepreneurial action. Mr Devdip Purkayastha, President and Chief training officer of Enactus India commented on the importance of the Symposium as “a platform to reach out to leaders to maximise the power of an individual.”

The five finalists in each league category were:

League 1- Shri Ram College of Commerce

League 2- Shri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce

League 3- Delhi College of Arts and Commerce

League 4- Ramjas College

League 5- IIT Delhi

The judges’ oath was sworn in by Mr Arun Kumar,  post which each team got 12 minutes to present their story of innovation and social change.

Ramjas college presented their Projects Aarogya and TeleSwasthya based on affordable and accessible primary healthcare for the people who cannot afford the heavy expenditure on health facilities. The projects based in Hapur and Naggi district have impacted several beneficiaries by making affordable healthcare available to 70%  of the target population. Today, the project runs 24 health centres in Delhi-NCR and has seen a path-breaking success to empower the lives of many.

The second finalist to present their project was Delhi College of Arts and Commerce who presented their flagship projects Taleem and Sahas. Working for the education of the refugees in Shaheen Bagh and Shram Vihar, project Taleem aimed at solving the primary education crisis through their Taleem Centres. Project Sahas helps breast cancer survivors regain confidence post mastectomy by the use of cotton based breast prosthesis- “Canfe” developed by the team, and underprivileged women. It has developed an online platform where one can purchase mastectomy bras.

Shri Ram College of Commerce presented their projects Viraasat and Asbah. The former project helped the Thateras of Jhandiala Guru to improve the out-dated designs of their local craft and the latter brought in a water revolution in Haryana and Muzzafarnagar through the community filtration plant.

Shri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce showcased their e-commerce platform BOOK A PLANT which brought in an innovative idea to make a positive impact on the environment. The other project Kasthi was based on the idea to  convert a “Gaon” into a smart village.

The last finalist to present their project was IIT Delhi, who presented their first project Nirmalaya based on special pots for vermicomposting, which were further categorized as Sugriha and Ruchitra. Their second project Arth presented the idea of redefining rituals by manufacturing cowdung based logs for burning the funeral pyre.

Finally the nervous air entered the hall as the results made their way. Enactus Ramjas and Enactus LSR won the 77-seconds video-making challenge.

After a fierce and edgy competition of entrepreneurial action between the finalists, the results of the top three winners were announced. The home team, Enactus IIT Delhi lifted the prestigious National Champion trophy. The team would represent India for the Enactus World Cup at San Jose, California this September. Enactus Shri Ram College of Commerce and Enactus Ramjas College won the second and third position respectively.  

Feature Image Credits: Gauri Ramachandra for DU Beat.

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Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), Delhi University, is set to get it first ever woman principal, Simrit Kaur. The college was functioning without a full-time principal since the year 2014, after the retirement of former principal, PC Jain.

Kaur is a professor from the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) which is also where she did her PhD from. She completed her Bachelors from Lady Shri Ram College (LSR) and her Masters from Delhi School of Economics (DSE). Associated with FMS since 1989, she specialises in public policy reforms, macro-economics and economic theory. Earlier, she taught at Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce.

However, the members of Delhi University’s Executive Council (EC) says that university rules were now followed during her appointment. “The rule 7 (2) (b) for the appointment of the principal of colleges other than maintained by the university states that the apex committee should consist of Vice-Chancellor, Pro V-C, visitor’s nominee, chairperson of the college governing body and two members of EC, nominated by it. However, we as EC members never nominated anyone. In fact, we came to know of it after the appointment,” J L Gupta, an EC member, told The Indian Express. The chairman of the college governing body, Ajay Shriram, however, said that all rules were followed during Kaur’s appointment on 12th May 2017.

Simrit Kaur was shortlisted alongside Anil Kumar, a professor at the college, and CP Gupta, a professor at the Department of Finance Studies, South Campus.


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Enactus, the global non-profit community which seeks to inspire action, has transformed communities in more than thirty-six countries with the help of visionary minds. Emphasising on the monumental impact of entrepreneurial action, the Enactus community has been working towards manifesting an independent world by generating employability through its unique projects. Colleges under the University of Delhi have established their presence through relentless efforts and have emerged successful in catering to the plethora of social issues plaguing thousands of lives. Here is a compilation of the events, projects, and achievements of the prominent Enactus societies of the University of Delhi.

Enactus Ramjas

The Ramjas chapter of this social venture commenced in 2011 and has successfully catered to three models of business since its inception. These include the Enactus Store, Project Bawarchi, and Project Transcreation. Enactus Store is an online platform which specifically caters to the products and services of Enactus teams all around the country. Project Transcreations seeks to help the transgender community to sustain their lives through providing them with entrepreneurial avenues such as cab driving, jewellery making, etc. They have also launched their very own beauty parlour in Saket solely run by transgenders. Project Bawarchi is a canteen exclusively being run by victims of drug and substance abuse near North Campus and is accompanied by food carts and tiffin delivery. The society has also conducted myriad events to serve the community this year. Under the umbrella of its Project Transcreations, Enactus Ramjas organised a transgender fashion show along with an LGBT pride march. It also conducted the biggest Enactus Festival in February of this year and saw a successful participation. Semi-finalists of Enactus Nationals 2016, the society has carried out more than 30 sensitisation campaigns related to drug abuse since the launch of the project.

Enactus Hindu

Conceptualised in 2014, Enactus Hindu launched its Project Veerangana in this academic session. The social endeavour aims to propagate safety ideals for all by transforming young, unemployed women into self-defence instructors. The previous social campaigns of the society include Project Shreshth and Project Oorja. Their pilot project, Shresth, transformed a group of financially dependent women from the Badli Industrial Area, Rohini into self-sufficient entrepreneurs who manufacture and market incense sticks under the brand name ‘Aanchal Aggarbatis’. Project Oorja strives to preserve environmental balance by providing clean solar lighting solutions to tackle the menace of rising carbon footprints. Under its current project, the society introduced a campaign titled ‘Be A Veerangana,’ and witnessed two months of intensive offline and online promotions, encouraging women to share instances of harassment and breaking the taboo around crimes. At Mecca 2017, the annual cultural festival of Hindu College, their team conducted ‘Road to Safety,’ a unique? simulation of the streets of Delhi, with the objective of raising awareness about simple safety measures which can come in handy in our day-to-day lives. The animal community was also served with its ‘Warmth for Paws’ initiative to provide clothes to street dogs with sweaters made from discarded woollens in the bitter cold months of December and January.

Enactus Khalsa

One of the youngest members of the Enactus community, the Khalsa chapter of the non-profit endeavour germinated in August of last year. While their pilot project is currently under development, they successfully organised an awareness campaign within the college. Titled #LetsMakeGodTalk, the students of the college were induced to deliberate upon the social sphere. On Daan Utsav, the society also organised a visit to a girls’ shelter home and spent a day there with the kids playing games and interacting with them.

Enactus Miranda House

An active member of the social community, Enactus Miranda House has been the launching pad of four successful initiatives since its inception in 2011. Namely Project Zaffran, Project Jazba, Project Tarang, and Project Daryaft, the society aims to boost the issues of financial dependency amongst the women community, strengthening the standing of acid-attack survivors, developing environmentally complementing products, and enhancing the tourism sector, respectively. This year, the society organised a seminar – ‘Astitva’ in relation to Project Jazba, along with a seminar with Mr. Vikramjit Singh Rooprai on the occasion of Heritage Day under Project Daryaft. The annual festival of Enactus Miranda House – Impressa 2017, was organised with the theme ‘Breaking Stereotypes,’ and witnessed events such as open mics and movie screenings. In addition to organising a waste collection drive, the society has also conceptualised an internship programme ranging from the Campus Ambassador Program to Synergy, the Winter Internship Program to propagate ideals of entrepreneurship and initiative.

Enactus SRCC

Perhaps the oldest member of the Enactus community, Enactus SRCC has been doing pertinent projects for a decade now. Some of their recent projects are as follows. Project Life On Wheels facilitates micro-credit for rickshaw pullers by enabling them to own their rickshaws. Project Aahaar is an initiative to rehabilitate underprivileged women by providing them with culinary training. Project Azmat was an endeavour to liberate manual scavengers by providing them with a sustainable source of livelihood through a development of a micro-enterprise and to facilitate construction of proper toilet systems. Project Sattva was an initiative to bring efficiency in India’s dairy sector by the rearing of high yielding cattle and value addition to milk through a mutually beneficial relationship. Project Asbah aimed at providing clean drinking water to rural households through the development and marketing of clay-based water filters produced by a community of potters. With projects like these, Enactus SRCC secured the second runners-up position at the Enactus Nationals 2016. They have received the prestigious KPMG grant and Walmart grant in recognition of the progress made by their projects.

Enactus Shaheed Bhagat Singh College

Since its formation in 2014, Enactus SBSC has come a long way with three socially relevant and inspiring initiatives. Their first project, Project Karva aimed at the upliftment of women. Under Project Roshni, visually impaired people were taught how to make candles as an attempt to become independent as well as self-sustaining. Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, they conceptualised their third project, Project Aahar, which seeks to provide affordable as well as hygienic food to people in need. Other than the projects, two fundraising campaigns were conducted this year. From 5th-7th October 2016, Campaign Umeed took place where members sold bookmarks and notebooks made by the specially challenged children of Deepalaya School. On the 109th birth anniversary of Bhagat Singh under Campaign Anghaar, candles made by the visually impaired to the students of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College were sold. Campaign Sparsh addressed the women residing at Anand Parbat and introduced them to NGO GOONJ’s ‘My Pad’ – a kit that contains undergarments, sanitary pads, and a manual on menstrual health. They also addressed the issue of child sexual abuse as it is one of the major evils surrounding Anand Parbat through organising interactive activities for the children and showing videos that demonstrated the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching.

Enactus Maitreyi College

Established in 2014, Enactus Maitreyi is currently working in collaboration with the National Coalition of People Living with HIV on their third project – Project Samya. True to its name, Project Samya aims at bringing equality to women affected with HIV who are evidently socially excluded and are often forced to quit their jobs. Enactus Maitreyi’s first project, Unnayan, helped the women of Mayur Vihar to make and market a liquid dishwasher, ‘Clean Ninja’ for them to become self-reliant. They launched their second project, Swadhin in 2016, with the aim of helping the physically impaired community by equipping them with entrepreneurial skills. This year the society started its own plantation drive. Other than this, Enactus Maitreyi purchased stationery items for the specially-abled students of Anukriti School, with its own funds by keeping aside INR 2 from the sale of every product. To raise funds, Enactus Maitreyi launched a fundraising campaign called,#IDidMyBit, which was conducted over a period of 2 months. A photo booth in Connaught Place was also created to raise money.

Enactus Sri Venkateswara College

Conceived in 2015, Enactus Sri Venkateswara College has been appreciated for its innovation and uniqueness of projects. The society has successfully churned out three projects, namely Project Captain Compost, Project Aushadhi, and Project CiggB. Project Captain Compost aims to provide a solution to the garbage menace in the city while uplifting the social and economic status of ragpickers at the same time, and Project Aushadhi merged the two issues of homelessness and medicinal waste. Winner of the Blue Dart Grant worth INR 40,000, the society launched Project CiggB this year which focuses on the disposal and recycle of used cigarette butts. To establish a communal outreach, they organised stalls in the fests of Hindu College, Indraprastha College for Women, Kamala Nehru College among others, along with stalls and exhibitions under ‘Heartist,’ where they provided a platform for street artists to showcase their skills and sell their products. In association with ‘People for Animals’ and Enactus SRCC, Enactus SVC also set up a winter cloth collection drive in December 2016. They have also collaborated with ‘Parivartan’, the social service society of Sri Venkateswara College for interaction and skill development of slum children and organised a special event for them to celebrate Children’s Day.

Enactus Hans Raj

A cognizant member of the Enactus community, Hansraj College’s Enactus has been running four projects since its commencement in 2011. Project Lekhni has been successful in helping five women from Jhandewalan to rise from the status of victims to the masters of their lives, Project Boond seeks to solve the problem of clean drinking water for the underprivileged masses by providing them with low-cost water purifiers that run without electricity, and Project Mithaas is an endeavour aimed towards providing a stable source of income to farmers in India by encouraging them to adopt beekeeping as a practice. Enactus HRC conceptualised Project Aaangan this year to provide day-care facilities to working women of lower income strata. Winner of the Best Project for showcasing the spirit of VEER at Enactus Nationals 2016, Enactus HRC has, in addition, conducted a donation drive for Project Aangan. Aashayein’16 was an initiative for the kids of an NGO Navjyoti to help them experience the dream they wished to live. It was a small drive by Enactus Hans Raj to fulfill wishes and spark a fire in them by overcoming challenges.


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A few prestigious institutions under the University of Delhi, namely, St. Stephen’s College, Hindu College, Ramjas College, Shri Ram College of Commerce and colleges run by theDelhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee, have expressed the desire of achieving a deemed university status. The proposals are at very initial stages, but if granted, these colleges will have the power to formulate their own rules and fee structures which will not adhere to the functioning of Delhi University.

The matter was raised in the governing body meeting of Hindu college, and it was declared that in later stages if a college wants a deemed university status, they must have an ‘A grade’ accreditation under NAAC for 3 consecutive years. A senior university official stated, “Few colleges like SRCC, Stephen’s, Ramjas, Hindu and the ones run by the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee want deemed university status. The Union Human Resource Development Ministry has also formulated some norms for providing more autonomy to colleges but deemed status will give them complete freedom of functioning on their own”. It has been speculated that if this status is granted to any of these colleges, they will not be bound by any of the rules and regulations of Delhi University, and thus there will be no need to seek sanctions from the University for any decision. Despite of all these proposals, it has also been speculated that the Student Unions of these colleges might oppose this move because the college will then have a liberty of deciding their own fee structure, and thus there might be a price hike in the fee which would make affordability a great reason of concern for many students.

St. Stephen’s College has already been in a tussle with the University of Delhi for the past couple of years regarding an autonomous status. Attempts to reach out to the Student Union of the college for their comments were unsuccessful.


By Joyee Bhattacharya ([email protected])

With yet another academic session almost coming to an end at the University of Delhi, it is time to look back at the year that has gone by, before all of us get busy with semester examination preparation. Going by the thought, DU Beat brings to you its exclusive series ‘Colleges’ Round Up (2015-16)’, where we present the highlighting incidents of numerous DU colleges that took place over 2015 and 2016.  

So, go with the flow and view all what activities highlighted the near to end session at Shri Ram College of Commerce.

From Sundar Pichai’s session to hosting the biggest college festival, Crossroads this year, Shri Ram College has had quite an eventful year.

Here’s an overview of all what happened at Sri Ram College of Commerce, this session:



Compiled by Tanya Agarwal for DU Beat

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Crossroads’16 – the annual cultural festival of Shri Ram College of Commerce was a grand 4 day affair from 5th to 9th March which saw an amazing lineup of stars, activities and competitions. While the number of competitive events were far less than what we’ve seen in other college festivals this season, SRCC exceeded expectations when it came to star performances, with actor and director Farhan Akhtar with his music ensemble ‘Farhan Live’ performing on Day 1, music-composer trio Shankar Ehsan Loy performing on Day 2, Indian band Euphoria performing on Day 3 and finally Bollywood Singer Mohit Chauhan ending the fest with his performance on Day 4.

Here are the main highlights of Crossroads’16

Day 1: Farhan Akhtar Live and Asmita Theatre Group

Day 1 began with the setting of the stage and sound testing for Farhan Akhtar’s performance later at night. Asmita Theatre group began the performance of their production ‘Dastak’ based on atrocities against women.

Asmita Theatre Group performing 'Dastak' at SRCC Crossroads | Image by Vegh Dawani for DU Beat
Asmita Theatre Group performing ‘Dastak’ at SRCC Crossroads | Image by Vegh Dawani for DU Beat

Despite a brief spell of rain, the performance by Farhan Akhtar Live started in the evening without interruptions. Farhan along with his music ensemble performed various songs like ‘Socha Hai’ ‘Khwabon Ke Parindey’ ‘Rock On’ and ‘Mai Aisa Kyu Hu’


Day 2: Informal events and performance by Shankar Ehsan Loy

Day 2 started with informal events like Stomp the Yard, the hiphop dancing competition. A bike stunt event was organized as well.

The Bike stunt competition at the Parking Lot. | Image by Prateek Singh for DU Beat
The Bike stunt competition at the Parking Lot. | Image by Prateek Singh for DU Beat



Shankar Ehsan Loy started their performance in the evening. Shankar Mahadevan, the lead singer was in awe with the audience and expressed his gratitude to be performing in SRCC twice in four years.

The music-composer trio proceeded to perform their hit numbers ‘Breathless’ ‘Hindustani’ ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’


Day 3: Choreography, Fashion Competitions and Euphoria

Day 3 of Crossroads started early with Verve, the choreography society of SRCC organizing the choreography competition ‘Requs’ on the mainstage. Hindu College’s Srijya emerged as the winners of the competition while Hansraj College’s Terpsichorean were declared the runner ups.

Kamala Nehru College’s choreography society Adagio at SRCC Crossroads’16 | Image by Mridul Kumar for DU Beat

The event was quickly followed by the fashion walk competition organized by Demeanor, the fashion society of SRCC.  The results are currently awaited.

As the fashion competition ended, sound check started at the mainstage for Euphoria’s performance. The band entered in their iconic outfits. Palash Sen, the lead singer of the band was ecstatic to see the crowd and expressed his love for playing for students. He also emphasized his likeness of the audience’s knowledge of non-Bollywood music.

The band proceeded to perform on their hit compositions ‘Dhoom’ ‘Mairee’ and ‘Meri Gali’. They also played renditions of various Bollywood music numbers.

Day 4: Western dance and Mohit Chauhan

The fourth and final day of Crossroads started with the Western dance competition organized by Panache, SRCC’s Western dance society. The competition was judged by Sahil Aneja, founder of Brooklyn Academy. Misba from Shri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce emerged as the winners while Tanz, Miranda House and Afroza, Indraprastha College for Women shared the second position.

SGGSCC emerged as the winners of Thirak'16 | Image by Sahil Chauhan for DU Beat
SGGSCC emerged as the winners of Thirak’16 | Image by Sahil Chauhan for DU Beat


Later in the evening, Bollywood Singer Mohit Chauhan graced the stage with his performance of various songs like ‘Tumse Hi’ ‘Pee Loon’ ‘Jo Bhi Main’ ‘Saada Haq’ and more. Though at the last few minutes of performance, the crowd went a little out of control and people were caught up in horde as Mohit Chauhan made an exit.


This is what Crossroads’16 was all about

Find the full album here

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The much awaited Performing Arts Festival of Shri Ram College of Commerce, Histrionica 2016, got off to a spectacular start with Mr. Manoj Bajpayee and Mr. Rajkumar Rao coming down for the promotion of their new movie ‘Aligarh’ along with the director, Mr. Hansal Mehta.

The cast of Aligarh at Histronica, SRCC
The cast of Aligarh at Histronica, SRCC

The entire auditorium bustled with a full house and eagerly listened to them as they shattered the wall of Section 377 brick by brick. The movie ‘Aligarh’ revolves around a professor who prefers to share his bed with a man instead. ‘Is this such a heinous crime?’ the movie questions the entire Indian mentality. The session reached its peak as Mr. Mehta went on about the Censor Board and its illegitimate decisions with respect to A-Rated scenes. “The Censor Board needs sex” said Mr. Mehta as the audience erupted with laughter. The session, being a highly interactive one, then moved on to the further questions being posed by the audience to the celebrities, be it dialogue recitals or their views on sensitive issues. A highlight worthy of mention was when Mr. Manoj Baypayee enticed the audience with his dialogues from Gangs of Wasseypur and Mr. Rajkumar Rao spoke about his secondary role in Queen.

As the clock struck 1:30, the stick first struck the dafli, marking the beginning of the Street Play Event-Aahvaan.

The common call, being the most awaited part of the day then began as the entire college gathered at the Co-op and watched the Dram-Soccers form a huddle in excitement to dance their life out, in pure bliss. The campus echoed with “Aao Aao, Naatak Dekho” and the daflis continued to play as they marched around the campus, making every soul in college shake a limb. The various selected street play teams then went on to perform and were judged by the renowned Atul Satya Kaushik, the lyricist of the all-too-famous SRCC call song-‘Oha’ and Satyendra Malik, an SR Alumni



The street play team of The Dramatics Society of SRCC made its first home performance as they presented their play “The Defective Ward” which brought many to tears. The event ended with valuable and critical feedback provided by the judges and all the teams returned as winners.

The second day commenced with the stage all set and auditorium filled with theatre lovers for  Histrionica’s stage play event-Charades. To begin with we had the team from Ramjas college showcasing their talent in their annual stage play production ‘Deluxe Hair Cutting Salon’ ,followed by a thought provoking monologue  ‘Shakkar ke Paanch Daane’  presented by the team from Shaheed Bhagat Singh (evening) College.  The annual production of Shivaji College ‘Jeevita Chellave’ beautifully wrapped up the first day of Charades leaving the audience awe-inspired and eager for more.

To make the day even more blissful we had Mr. Randeep Hooda gracing the occasion with his presence in the celebrity interactive session. The event started off on a humorous note where Mr. Hooda  joked about his surprise and disappointment at not turning up in Miranda House, for that was the impression he was under all the while. The actor went on to talk about a wide variety of topics- from the ‘great performance’ of MP’s in the parliament and the ongoing Jat Stir to how he got his first role.  He had the audience in fits of laughter when he openly discussed his weirdest fan experiences wherein a lot many girls had expressed their desire to be kidnapped by ‘Mahabir Bhati’.

Randeep Hooda


From discussing burning issues with a light hearted approach to explaining how finding a job was the hardest task for an actor, the actor’s charisma kept the audience mesmerized.

Right after the session ended , a group of young theatre aspirants from various colleges had a short personal workshop with Mr. Hooda.

The third day of Histrionica commenced with an enthusiastic audience that packed the auditorium to witness the fist event for the day; Charades. The first play was Veronica’s Room, a production by Sri Venkateshwara College, followed by Party; a play by Hansraj College.

Our home production Blithe Spirit was cheered on by a house full in the auditorium. The play was greatly praised for its key elements of humour and the mysterious atmosphere of the supernatural that it created. The closing play was Characters Revolt. A play presented by Hindu College.

Later, Mr Piyush Mishra interacted and sang to the audience in The Stage. The event started off with Mr Mishra telling about the struggles he’s faced during his transition from theatre to Bollywood. It was followed by a question on his version of ‘ishq’ to which Mr Mishra recited shers from his own book titled ‘Kuch Ishq Kiya Kuch Kaam Kiya’. He then sang his famous songs – Husana, Duniya, Aarambh and Ik bagal on popular demand from the audience.



The last event of the day was Live Wire where the immensely talented Mr Nikhil D’souza performed his various songs. The parking lot was full with students and music lovers who cheered, swayed and danced until the day ended.

Nikhil D'Souza
Nikhil D’Souza

The English Literary Society of Shri Ram College Of Commerce, will be conducting its three day annual literary festival Zephyr, under the theme ‘Utopia,  from 22nd to 24th February respectively. The first day of this lit fest witnessed substantial participation from different colleges across Delhi University and provided platform for those seeking to apply their creativity diverse forms of literature.

The day started with the first event- Timepan, a creative writing competition, yet with a twist of strategy building and bidding. One had to bear in mind the cost of time to write a piece of fiction (both poetry and prose). It was followed by another event- Newsroom 2.0, a blend of drama a false news reporting and was subsequently judged by the Bazinga team of DU Beat. The teams were given with a fictional headline (like Rahul Gandhi invites Sunny Leone to Congress) and were required to enact this piece of information for ten minutes in the most ingenious way possible. First position was secured by Yashasvi Tak, Bhartendu Verma, Ishita Kishore, Vasu and Avikal Parashari from SRCC for their performance on the topic ‘KRK goes to Hollywood’.

Durjoy Dutta
Durjoy Dutta


After the events came the most awaited speaker session. Durjoy Dutta, an Indian novelist, screenwriter and entrepreneur, famous for works such as ‘Of Course I Love You’, ‘She Broke Up, I Didn’t!’, ‘Hold My Hand’ and other notable titles, addressed the crowd and bagged their support and appreciation, by his modesty and compassion. He talked about his journey towards fulfilling his dream of becoming a writer, on how he had to quit his job and after sheer hardwork and support from his family, finally found success. He confessed that in his initial few releases, he wrote about his ex-girlfriend, who happens to be an alumnus of SRCC.  On being asked in a Q&A round, he revealed that he hasn’t really tried his hand on Thriller but will surely be working on it in coming years.

The day ended with the second keynote speaker of the day, Ravinder Singh, bestselling author of ‘I Too Had A Love Story’ and ‘Can Love Happen Twice?’. He shared his experiences, answered questions by his fans and also motivated the students to pursue their dreams. “Organising a literary festival in a college is a new experience altogether, as it requires a new perspective and focusing on new concepts. Moreover, the ELS team has put in tremendous efforts this year to make it a success and I’m proud to be a part of such a dedicated team.” said Archita Mittal, Public Relations Head of ELS, SRCC.

Tamanna Goel

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Inputs from Archita Mittal

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The man behind the topest-notch corporate Google Inc. Sundar Pichai is all set to visit India next week. The CEO along with meeting the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will also give an appearance at SRCC. The college gears up to welcome Mr.Pichai on 17th December. The session at SRCC will be an interactive one where they’re inviting students to “Ask Sundar”. The floor will be open for questions where they can ask Mr.Pichai anything they want him to answer.

The Chennai-born executive is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur. He joined Google in 2004 and worked as the Product Chief before taking over as the CEO. Mr.Pichai is also acclaimed to be associated to various software products like Chrome OS and Google Drive. This is his first arrival to the country since he took over as the CEO of Google.

Watching the man himself, Sundar Pichai, an inspiration to millions, the audience would definitely be enthralled by his presence. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch him live in action.

Date: 17th December

Venue: SRCC Sports Complex

Here’s the link for registrations for the session. Be on time to get good seats.


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