Game of Thrones has been ranked as one of the most successful HBO shows of all time. It also has the record for the largest number of illegal downloads on the internet. The show that is based on a book series called the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ by George R.R. Martin, has recently caught up with the books. We are hence left at a cliffhanger as the show producers need to fabricate their own story for the upcoming sixth season. Apart from having strong characters living in a feudalistic age in an imaginary world called Westeros, the show also incorporates the use of magic, treachery, murder, nudity that keeps everyone hooked on to it. Here are some predictions and spoilers for the sixth season of Game of Thrones:

  • Jon’s Resurrection – In the books, when Jon Snow is betrayed and murdered by Olly (who isn’t in the books), Ser Alister Thorne and his fellow men of the Night’s Watch, the last words that Jon speaks before dying is ‘Ghost’ (that is the name of Jon Snow’s Direwolf).  Some believe that Jon wargs into Ghost (as wargs often enter their pets bodies when they die, and live a second life) and when the time comes Melissandre will resurrect him like Thoros of Myr often brought Berric Dondarion back  from the dead with the assistance of R’llor (The red God).  However the show does not show Jon saying Ghost’s name. This can mean the show will take a different approach and that approach is based on the next theory.
  • The Tower of Joy Flashback – It has been confirmed that there will be a scene that will cast young Ned Stark, Howland Reed, Ser Arthur Dayne and a few other characters in an epic battle. This scene is believed to be the Tower of Joy Scene where Ned and his companions confront Aeris Targaryen’s King’s Guards . The King’s Gaurds are defeated and Ned is finally reunited with Lyanna Stark, Ned’s sister, who was presumably kidnapped and raped by Rhaegar Targaryen. Ned finds her in a pool of blood. However it is believed that in this scene, Lyanna will say that she loved Rhaegar and that she escaped with him willingly. The blood would be from child birth, and the child would be none other than Jon. If this theory is complete then Jon is a Targaryen and with the use of magic a Targaryen cannot be burnt, much like Daenerys.  This also means that the show might project Jon still alive when they burn his body. Melissandre sees Jon in the fire and uses magic to keep him alive.
  • The Battle of the North – There have been confirmations of a scene where all of Stark’s bannermen are fighting a battle against the Boltons. It is believed that Rickon and Osha are at The Last Hearth under the protection of Lord Umber. They are reunited with Sansa somehow. On this reunion there is a plan to win back the North.  So Stark loyalists gather their armies and march on Winterfell to defeat the Boltons. In the middle of the battle they are surprised by the entry of Jon Snow who with an army of Wildlings joins the Stark’s in the battle. There have also been rumours of the Knights of the Vale joining this battle under the command of Lord Petyr Baelish.
  • Arya returns to Westeros – Arya will face a couple of tests given by the Faceless Men. She is blind but she manages to pass all the tests.She regains her eye sight and she is given a misson in Westeros to rid a village off bandits. She does so successfully and she is reunited with Nymeria , whom she had been dreaming about when she was blind.
  • The Kingsmoot in the Iron Islands – Euron Greyjoy, Theon’s uncle, has been cast this season. IN the books he is chosen the ruler of the Iron Islands after Balon Greyjoy mysteriously dies by falling off a bridge.


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With the ongoing preparations for the annual cultural festival of Delhi University, Antardhvani, the University released applications for one of its recurring competitions, the Annual Flower show.

In its 56th year now, the competition has gained wide fame for the variety of flowers that competitors showcase. Says, Prof. Ved Pal Singh, Secretary Garden Committee, “The Flower show is one of the core events of Antardhvani and now in its 56th year it’s even bigger. We have entries from across Delhi, from outside and even from Rashtrapati Bhawan.”

As a prelude to the Annual Flower Show which is to be held on February 14, 2014 at Sports Stadium, between 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm, a number of events are being organized by the Garden Committee of Delhi University. Says Prof. Ved Pal, “A week before the flower show we have a painting competition, in which many students participate. There are wonderful events for everybody to enjoy.”

The On- spot painting competition is being held for college students and school students on 7th February,2014 and 8thFebruary,2014 respectively at 10:00 am at the Sports complex (University Stadium). The entry fee for the completion is Rs.20 and the results will be announced on the day of the Flower Show.

As part of the tradition of the Flower Show, the committee asks each participating College/ Institution to send the name of their best gardener for a special award called the ‘Best Mali’ (best gardener) award. A certificate of merit or cash is awarded to the best mali.

The Flower Show Booklet/ Entry Forms for participating in the Painting Competition will be available in the Garden Committee Office from 10.00am to 5.00 pm on all working days. A complete information of the competitions involved in the Flower show and the required forms can be found on the DU website.