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11th February gained a whole new meaning for fans of How to Get Away with Murder when the show had its winter finale in November and promised to return on this date.  With the day almost here, we look back at the pieces of the puzzle that still haven’t been put in their right place.

The first and the foremost question every fan wants answered is who exactly is Christophe? And what did young Eve Rothlow and Annalise Keating do to Wes’ mother?  Why were they present in the room where a twelve year old Gus was being interviewed about his mother’s suicide? The other mysteries that we expect to be solved in the further episodes are the significance of the gun that was found by Caleb in Catherine’s studio or the reason why Catherine runs away from her house after being confronted about the gun and why does she wait in the car for Philip (In case you have forgotten, he is the one who Connor discovers while looking for the birth parents of Caleb and Catherine and who gradually becomes the major suspect for the murder case) who is seen placating her that he’ll take care of everything.

The executive Producer Pete Nowalk said more information about the late District Attorney Emily Sinclair will be unveiled. Till now, the fans know almost nothing about her background like whether she’s married, have kids etc. Hence, this is soon to change. Nowalk also hinted at the fact that nobody can be trusted and that when the sitcom returns, it’ll be two weeks after Annalise’s shooting so it’ll be compelling to see how the group dynamics have changed.

It is also believed that the producers of the show are casting a trio of recurring guest stars who can either be Annalise’s new clients or can be related to Emily Sinclair.  All in all, there is a lot to expect from this season and as the promo says, “It’ll be a crime to miss it!”


Nishita Agarwal

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