1. Octopush: What do discovery channel scuba divers do when they get bored? No, they don’t push Octopuses. They play underwater hockey and call it Octopush just to sound cool.
  2. Camel Wrestling: Here’s a question, what do camels and Sushil Kumar have in common? Absolutely nothing. And yet certain sadist Turks just love to see them wrestle.
  3. Cheese Roll: A group of English morons throw a huge ball of English cheese down an English hill and chase it. Sad part is, none of them have died doing it.
  4. Shin Kicking: Another group of English morons have taken to the idea of having their shins whacked. Those who can’t take the pain give up. The last man standing gets to go to the clinic first.
  5. Wife Carrying: To all the men who think marriage is an unnecessary burden, go bop yourselves in the head. Meet these guys from Finland who carry their wives through an obstacle course without a word of complaint.
  6. Chess Boxing: Consists of alternate rounds of chess and boxing. You don’t want to be the intelligent one here. They generally get knocked out cold before the chess round begins.
  7. The World Beard and Moustache Championships: There is little to describe about this one except that female contestants are not allowed. Unfair advantage, they say.
  8. Octopus Wrestling: Actual human beings wrestle actual octopuses with their bare hands (and tentacles). Unfortunately, authorities decided that the sport was too dangerous and today it’s illegal to molest octopuses. Really? Who would want to?
  9. Toe Wrestling: People get bored a lot it seems. The fact that this is actually an internationally recognized sport kind of places an upper limit on the average IQ of mankind. They also applied for inclusion in the Olympics.