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“Your hair. It looks like fire. And smells of cinnamon. I wonder what it will smell like when you burn.”

Inspired by the Salem witch trials of the 17th century, an American supernatural horror television series was created in 2014. Initially, it was titled Malice, to be later changed to Salem. The story follows the series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts. The preliminary hearings were conducted in several towns; the most infamous being conducted in 1692 in Salem Town. Witch trials paint the Puritans as hypocritical scolds; yet also embrace the notion that there really were witches operating at the time, which makes their capital punishments seem a little less crazed and paranoid. Never mind that it runs counter to the rather duller historical record and lessons learned about the true nature of witch hunts. Here in the 21st century, science and reason rule, but in a world of sorcery, clinging to rationality just makes you stupid.


Having prominent elements of gothic drama, the show stars Janet Montogomery and Shane West in the lead roles of Mary Sibley and John Alden. The story opens with Mary even under unyielding laws regarding fornication, facing an unwanted potentially fatal pregnancy courtesy of her lover, Captain John Alden. A pact with a sorceress resolves her problem, but as we can see when the story flashes seven years ahead, the innocent Mary we initially met has been sacrificed along with the child in the wilderness. Alden, inevitably, saunters back into town after years at war, complicating life for the now-married Mary, whose powers are certainly formidable, even if it’s not clear to what end they’re being used. Married, Mary is the new ruler of Salem. Her unnerving powers crushed the existence of her so-called husband, the head of Salem. Her sorcerer servants and the land of the dead consecrate to her powers. The townspeople are haunted by the witch hunt, wherein every now and then an innocent person is caught to be a witch.

Meanwhile, the witch-hunting Mather is crusading against this sulfurous threat, even if like some prominent modern-day religious leaders, doesn’t always practice what he preaches. Subsequently, Salem is afflicted by a terrible plague and a witch war was drawing close: the consequences of the Grand Rite of the witches. Mary is united with her son Oliver who is possessed by the Dark Lord, after the countless raising the devil in the form of a child. Mary died saving the life of her love, Captain Alden. But demolition of the Puritan values and the destruction of Salem had to be put to a stop.

So, binge the three seasoned series to know the rest!



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