It is not hard to think of scarves when you think about fall fashion. Not only do they help to gradually ease you into winters, but they also add personality to even the most minimalistic of looks.

Whether it’s for the commute to the office or a weekend brunch with friends, a scarf will be the perfect addition to any of your fall ensembles, especially as the temperatures really start to cool down. Throw it on for that extra warmth, and if you encounter an unseasonably warm day, throw it in your bag until the cooler evening kicks in. Although this wrapped accessory can seem like too much work, we hope that this guide will help you narrow down your options and make assembly a breeze the next time you consider wearing a scarf.

The Simple Drape
This style of wear is perfect for cool weather. It’s easy to throw on or take off if the sun comes out and warms up your early winter day. To “tie” this knot, simply lay it across the back of your neck so that each end of the scarf hangs evenly.

Get Continental with a Parisian Knot
Frequently seen on the slopes, this knot offers a buffer from the cold and can be tied in an instant. Halve your scarf so that you hold it by the loop in your right hand, with both ends dangling together loosely. Take the loose ends around your neck, bring these across your chest, and thread both ends through the loop in your right hand.

Classic Circle Scarf
In case of an infinity scarf, whether your circle scarf is large or not, you can wear it the classic way by topping it over a blouse or tee. No need to twist or wrap it around, simply let it sit on your shoulders as a regular scarf should. If you have a tube scarf (small circumference), it should resemble a neck warmer. However, if your scarf is longer, it should drape over your chest like a necklace. Tie the ends of your normal rectangular scarf to create a circular illusion.

Hooded Infinity Scarf
One exciting thing about the infinity scarf or wrap is that you can also wear it as a hood. There are several ways of going about this particular style. If the scarf is short in circumference, simply put it over your shoulders as you would for the classic style, then pull the back portion up and over your head like a hood.

Tie a Real Fake Knot.
This style has the benefit of being both warm and classy and giving the impression of an elaborate knot across the front of your neck. Leaving the right end of your scarf longer:

Take the short end of your scarf around the back of your neck.
Loop the long end so that it comes back under itself, keeping the loop loose.
Pull the long end under itself to the other side, while preserving your loop.
Gently take the long end through your loop.
Join the short end with the long by taking it through the loop.
This particular style may require a little more length on your long end than usual.
After you have taken the short end of your scarf through the loop made by the long end, you can lightly tug on each end until the knot is comfortable and both ends are roughly even.

The Over Hand 
Give your scarf the Over Hand. This knot is a little fancier and may be perfect for business, a date, or a brisk night on the town. With your scarf around your neck and the right side longer than the left, take the long end across your chest and over the short end, loop the long end around and under the short end, and then pull it through so that it hangs atop the other fabric.


Feature Image Credits: StyleCaster 

Bhavika Behal

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