Sanrakshan 2016

Green Brigade, the Environment society of CVS organised “Sanrakshan” in association with Zephyr, Criador and Explore.Excavate.Enjoy on the 21st of September, 2016.
Following the theme of Heritage Preservation, so much for our future lies in the past. Well known Heritage activist, Founder of India’s largest heritage hobby club, Vikramjit Singh Rooprai enlightened the audience with his Talk on Delhi’s History and Heritage.
Some of the main highlights of the talk were The Seven Cities of Delhi, Religious Beliefs and Myths, The Water Bodies of Delhi, and The different Languages and their origin. He also spoke about the Sufi poet Bulle Shah. He brought out various incidents from History, in context with the history of the necropolis, Delhi. His self written poem on Delhi’s History left everyone speechless.
A photo booth was setup by Zephyr following the green theme. Props such as Leaves, Flowers, Banners, tags were made by the students of Criador. A large number of students came to the Photo booth.
Following next was the Heritage walk to Satpula, a 14th Century dam, where themes like Heritage conservation and the cultural history were discussed. The sad state of our neglected monuments were seen. Hardly any participation knew about Satpula which stands right in front of the famous Select Citywalk and is centuries older than the Mall. The ecstasy and excitement was seen on their faces. The students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the Heritage walk.
The last event for the day was The Treasure hunt, which started from Satpula and finished at College.
The event was a great success, promoting themes such as heritage preservation and awareness. Water Crisis was also discussed in context to Satpula and the 22 Baolis of Delhi. The neglect of our monuments and environment is a major concern and we all should look forward in the enrichment of our society.
Image Credits: Zephyr, the Photography Society of CVS