SAFE Delhi


SAFE Delhi is a movement aimed at refining the current state of women’s safety in the National Capital through awareness, action and communication. It started out in March and a subsequent online campaign really got people talking about it. Today it is quite a rage on Facebook with its page having upwards of two thousand likes. SAFE Delhi has been inspired by initiatives such as change.org.

Rape and molestation cases have been on the rise for quite sometime now. These problems can’t be addressed and resolved over a cup of coffee. They demand action and SAFE Delhi are looking to do just that. They already have a plan but they need your support (moral and in the form of any connections that you might have). If you feel that a united youth front demanding concrete actions towards making Delhi a safer place stands a chance at success, join SAFE.

SAFE Delhi deems the following as absolutely necessary for ensuring the safety of women:
1. Monthly review of police complaints regarding harassment, molestation and stalking from each locality’s police post. 2. Monthly reviews to be made public. 3. Mandatory presence of female constables in all PCRs patrolling at night. 4. Rape trials to be fast-tracked with a special bench in charge of these cases. (Similar to consumer cases) 5. ‘Community Service’ to be a form of punishment for offenders of harassment, eve-teasing and molestation.

SAFE Delhi are open to ideas and suggestions on this issue. Further, SAFE have proposed the following course of action to be taken by the movement:
1. Getting local support through RWAs. 2. Target DU. Unite North Campus and South Campus on the issue. 3. Get the NSS and WSDCs to support SAFE.?4. Contact youth forums like MAD, AISEC, YP Foundation etc. SAFE needs to be a popular campaign with massive public support before it can attract the media.?5. The ultimate aim is to serve the concerned authorities with a petition which will be backed by SAFE Delhi members.

You could visit their Facebook page for more details, http://www.facebook.com/SAFE3DELHI