River pollution


Maitreyi College recently organised an event in collaboration with Central Government’s Department of Biotechnology


In the first of a series of events, Delhi University’s (DU) South Campus institution, Maitreyi College organized an interactive session for school students to gain knowledge on environment issues, increasing pollution in the river Yamuna and the practice of waste segregation.


The college hosted students from around eighty schools in the city to visit its campus in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi and interact with the University students and faculty. The event – a conference as well as an interaction, was organized in collaboration with the Department of Biotechnology of the Central Government on Friday, August 29th, 2019.




The school students were given an opportunity to express their understanding of the issues of climate change and river pollution, through the means of skits, short films and a poster-making competition.

This move is in line with the recent developments of environmental concern around the world. They not only include the local issue of the flooding of the river Yamuna and its poor state of cleanliness, but also occurrences such as that of the Amazon Rainforest’s wildfire, unabated rise in the level of microplastics in our water bodies, and the rapidly emerging concern of e-waste in the current global environment.


Chairman of the Governing Body of Maitreyi College, Shri Balaganpathy Devarkonda, said in a conversation with The Times of India, “…such events are important to bridge the gap between elementary and higher education and encourage students to indulge in discussion.”


The interaction of the students saw the mention of the Jal Shakti Ministry that has been recently introduced by the government to address the crisis of water management in the country. Students also discoursed regarding the potential way forward for the resolution of the crisis and pledged to take positive steps towards water conservation and cultivating a clean and green environment for all.



Featured Image Caption: Students at Qudsia Ghat, Yamuna riverfront

Featured Image Credits: DU Beat Archives


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