Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right


Rightfully Wrong, Wrongfully Right, written by Varsha Dixit is the final installment of the love trilogy, ‘Right and Wrong’. The trilogy’s first two parts, ‘Right Fit, Wrong Shoe’ and ‘Wrong Means, Right End’ were published in 2009 and 2012 . The first book of the series traces the journey of Nandini Sharma, an urban yet simple girl living in Kanpur. The second book was a story of young single mother Sneha Verma, who beats all odds to find her unique saga. Both these character appear in the third installment too. The third book traces the journey of a NRI girl, Gayatri Dutta, who settles in India and goes on to realise her worth. The book starts with introducing Viraj, a man who made millions selling his design of a very unique toy to a company and is known as the mad scientist. It shifts to Gayatri, a spoilt diva, who hasn’t been too successful in her career endeavors and has a rich dad wanting her to get married soon. ‘Rightfully Wrong, Wrongfully Right’ is thus, a story of two absolutely different individuals who come together in the oddest circumstances. Viraj is the catalyst to an end for Gayatri and she is everything that Viraj despises in a person. The two start off on a wrong foot but as the story moves on, we can see the two getting used to each others’ ways and company. My favourite part of the book is how Gayatri and Viraj both have unresolved issues with their fathers and, as the story proceeds, the two not only get over their prejudices of each other but also work to resolve these unresolved issues which stemmed from the relationships with their fathers. I would happily rate this book 3 out of 5 stars. Image Credits: www.varshadixit.com Akshara Srivastava [email protected]]]>