At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom….” Jawaharlal Nehru’s words will keep resounding in the ears of generations of Indians to come. While we are no doubt citizens of a free country, and have the liberty to do as we wish, sometimes we do tend to take it for granted. For freedom is a privilege and right till the point it does not impinge on anyone else’s space.

1. While we do believe that dressing is a form of self expression and DU Beat is all for freedom of expression, lets not get so carried away that it blights your sense of judgement. Take the instance of Delhi’s Hard Rock Cafe.It has received ample criticism for being more like a club than a cafe. Delving deeper into the problem reveals that the elaborately adorned girls with cheetah print tubes and high boots,boys with spiked hair and tight shirts accentuating their bulging biceps may well be the root to this problem. Other than providing enormous source of entertainment to the few reasonably dressed ones these ‘elaborate costumes’ may just get a dress code slapped on you.

2. While the Metro is the pride of Delhi, it is sad that authorities had to add “Kripya zor zor se apne phone par gaana na bajaye” to the already elaborate list of announcements . The culprits? ‘Yo’ cool dudes, who voluntarily deign to be the metro DJ. Seriously guys ,get a pair of earphones. Let us recognize the fact that the freedom to listen to what we want, extends to everybody. Difficult as it may be for some to come to terms with, perhaps everyone does not like to listen to Akon at the top of your phone volume.

3. So typical of the Delhi driver is an inherent tendency to park his car wherever he pleases. So lets instill a little road sense into our brain and realise that curtailing parking in the middle of roads is not a gross violation of your rights.

4. Lets just restrict our inner artist a tad bit more specially when he gets the creative urge to decorate public walls. And no, urinating or spray painting with spit deserves no special concession. Graffiti , we have heard, looks infinitely better on the walls of your room. It comes as no surprise that freedom from inhaling non putrid air somehow seems to figure at the top of the list these days