Rendezvous 2015


Every last week of October, IIT Delhi serves excitement and entertainment in the rendezvous it organises for students across India.

The institute hosted it’s annual  cultural fest, Rendezvous 2015 for four days starting from the 16th of October. The fest witnessed explosive  energy from the ends of both, the entertainers and the entertained.
Day 3 (18th October) and Day 4 ( 19th October)  of Rendezvous were planned on the highest unit on the scale of creative and entertaining vigour. Day 3 of Rendezvous saw a massive queue for “Kavi ki Kalpana” with renowned poet, actor, director and singer Piyush Mishra. The patient audience who had waited for hours was sufficiently satiated by the end of the poetry recital and a fun filled discussion with the speaker.


In addition, formal competitions like Aagaz and Swar for Indian classical Music;  Paintara and Komiketto for art, iconography and cartooning unleashed a Pandora’s box of talent.  A Beauty Pageant, ” Campus Princess ” was also hosted the same day. The day did not see the night so early.

The evening of Day 3 kick started with the much awaited EDM night with Sun Burn at OAT in the Rendezvous Village. A humongous audience  gathered to cheer for the performers of the Western Choreography and the Western Group Dance competitions.


Day 3 and Day 4 also had a lot going on the informal stage. The informal events such as Bomb SquadBurp MirchiBlind fold drawingand Tashreef Rakhiye Janab saw an entirely unique level of excitement and kept attendees of Rendezvous engaged in a struggle to win cool prizes and goodies.

Day 4 was more of lil’ Humour and lots of music and dance.

The day started musically with Western group and Western Solo music competitions. This was followed by Solo Dance Face offs and the Duo Dance competition. The spacious Dogra hall of IIT D, went out of space for innumerable audience when renowned poet Surendra Sharma effortlessly left the audience into scores of laughter. His speech like that of Piyush Mishra was also topical in it’s concern towards the ills of extremism, Communalism and Oppression of the female body prevalent in India.


DHOOM, the much awaited star night of IIT D with Shankar Ehsan Loy was scrapped half way, when the crowd outside the venue became uncontrollable. The unfortunate event happened even when the organisers had made every effort to put a bar on the number of people allowed to attend the concert and had cut through the presence of a lot of fans who wanted to be a part of it.

Rendezvous 2015 concluded with an impression which is characteristic of this cultural festival. It raised it’s own bar and set a new horizon of expectations for another rendezvous.

Following are the winner of some of the competitions which were held on 18th and 19th of October:

Choreography – Dance Competition

1st -Hindu College
2nd-  IIT Delhi

Western Group Dance Competition

1st – Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce.
2nd – Sri Venkateswara College
3rd-  IIT Delhi

Indian Group Song

1st- Tie between Lady Shri Ram College and Daulat Ram College
2nd- Gargi College
3rd- Lady Irwin College

Swar :
Hindustani Carnatic Classical Solo

1st- Bineeth Singh
2nd- Divya Sabhyati
Judges for Aagaz and Swar: Mr. Mohit Dhobal and Mr. Pranav Dwivedi

Voice of Rendezvous:

1st- Rambhajan Bedi, Zakir Husain Delhi College
2nd- Harjot Kaur, SGTB Khalsa College
Judge: Mr. Prateek Singh

Debutant 2015
Parliamentary Debate Tournament :

1st- Aanchal, Kanupriya and Raayla , Miranda House
2nd- Saumya, Ananya and Aman , Shri Ram College of Commerce

Campus Princess:

Winner: Bhavia Monga, Amity Noida.

Western Group Song

1st Gargi College
2nd Amity School of Engineering

Dance Face Offs, Solo

Female: Akanksha
Male: Aman

Western Music, Solo.

1st Sidhant Seth
2nd Isha Chakrovarty

Paintara,  Fine Arts :

1st- Rohan Kapoor, Ayushi Goel and Kirti Singal from Sri Venkateswara College

2nd- Chaithanya Natakala, Kiran Babu and Goutham Othayoth ,School of Planning and Architecture

3rd- Ishani Tagra, Dhruvika Bisht and Sanjana Dhiman ,Gargi College
Judge: Renuka Khera

Komiketto, Fine Arts :

1st- Shivangi Rao and Mahima Bisht ,Maitreyi College
2nd- Sushant Sharma and Bhawika ,YMCA, Faridabad
3rd- Harshit Kumar , Dyal Singh College
Judge: Argha Kamal Ganguly

Street Photography:

1st- Shekhar Mann from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies
2nd- Shravan Kumar from IIT, Guwahati
Judge: Mr. Rohit Vehra.

Tooba Towfiq

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Inputs from Shagun Marwah.

Picture Credits: Sahil Siddiqui and Tejaswa Gupta for DU Beat