It’s that time of the semester again when outstation students pack their bags and head out to their hometowns, either to revel in the festivities or for some quiet family time. After 3 months of continuous slogging and assignment submissions, the days left to go home are crossed off each day till the much-awaited beginning of the mid-semester break arrives and the prospect of homecoming seems as sweet as your mother’s ladoos.

However, for all those students that are bound to stay in Delhi, the break can seem like a not-so-exciting prospect and might just eventually turn into boredom. The hours of endless unproductivity might just get to you after one point in time.

But let us look at it this way, the word ‘break’ itself literally is supposed to mean a break from all the things that you normally do. Simply put, a break from your schedule. It doesn’t really matter if all you are doing is catching up on your sleep for you haven’t had a lot since the semester began and probably won’t have a lot either once the exams begin. It becomes important that you just sit back, relax and eventually doze off.

Another thing that is advisable is spending time with your family and friends. Delhites live at home and meet their parents every day but in the rush of college hours that only lets you catch your breath at night before you go to sleep, it makes sense that you might not be spending a lot of time with your family. Similarly, maintaining school friendships can prove to be gargantuan since college takes precedence over everything at this point. Gather your group, make plans and stick to them.

Invest time in things you like to do such as reading, cinema, or even some sport. Exploring new genres of books that you might like, watching an abundance of French Cinema, improving your Squash, writing in ways you haven’t tried writing in before etc can really make your one week of break seem fruitful at the end of it.

For all those who love to travel, Delhi has a number of small hill stations in a 300km radius that can be explored. A short trip to hill stations like Kasol, Lansdowne, or places in Rajasthan like Jaipur or even closer to home, Agra, might make up for great mini vacation spots.

Having said all this, it is essential to note that the added pressure of making your break count and utilising it in the best way possible is just a construct. A break is what you want it to be and what you make of it.


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Anoushka Singh
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It is very easy to forget yourself under the college workload but in order to be as efficient as required one needs to reconnect with themselves every once in a while. Here are some of the ways to do that.

1. Begin early
It is very important to begin your course a little early. It may sound ironic since studying should not be a piece of advise when one wants to just focus on reconnecting with oneself under the college workload. However, one of the ways to reconnect with oneself is not having too much of work at once. If one begins early then, the workload gets divided into the several days and you will end up having time for yourself every day!

2. Pursue a different hobby
It is important to have a hobby that is different from your course and challenges you. If a student is pursuing English Honours, then in his/ her free, it is better to play guitar than write a poem. In order to keep pace with oneself, one needs to understand and fulfill one’s desires too.

3. Indulge in self-care
It is very easy to forget oneself when loaded with work. You forget to sleep well, eat well, and rest well. But, every once in a while, you should indulge in self-care. Eat healthy and sleep till you wake up naturally. Meditate or go out to play some tough football. Self-care could sometimes also mean taking a day out for yourself, just doing nothing. Go to the fancy cafe you had been planning to go or read that book in the park. Come on, create that blog! Whatever makes you feel eased and relaxed is important for you. Be sure to take out 30 minutes every day to do at least one of these. It is even more beneficial if you do not invite company and just spend time building familiarity with solitude.

4. Party!
Every once in a while take out time to party! If you’re a workaholic, chances are you won’t be able to party peacefully unless you are done with your work. Therefore, set your target, feel accomplished, and then call your buddies home to have a blast! And, when you party, make it wild enough for you to forget about work. A little hangover after the party is great, too. Gather all amazing memories and remember you have to get to work again only to be able to relive another party whenever you make yourself proud.

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Khyati Sanger
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