Like always, Apple never fails to go beyond one’s expectation in providing the best computing technology that has ever been produced, and the MacBook Pros are truly a part of it.

Made out of a single sheet in crisp silver aluminium, the Laptop is available in 13 and 15 inches respectively. It has an ambient light sensor keyboard, which lights out from below in the dark, and an auto light adjustment screen. The screen is LED and offers high resolution, making it very apt for those who are into film editing and photography, and for those who would like to enjoy a music video or a movie. The speakers are loud enough and offer excellent sound quality. The multi-touch track pad is a pleasure to use, as it offers various touch features similar to the iPhone, or perhaps more easy to use features.

Apple now offers its new operating system Mac OS Snow Leopard, which is the most advanced operating system in the world, and also the most user-friendly system, also making it accessible for physically challenged individuals like the deaf, dumb and the blind. The operating system also offers various applications and utilities making it a complete whole.

Starting at Rs. 68,000, the Macs have various versions available in the market and is truly worth every penny spent on it. Currently Apple is offering student discounts till September 26 where you can save upto Rs.15000, so hurry get your Mac now.

Rating: 9/10