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The student took the teacher to Maurice Nagar Police Station for his apparently anti-national comments in context of Pulwama attack, but the cops filed a case against him.


A guest faculty member at University of Delhi’s (DU) Law Faculty was allegedly assaulted by a student, namely Devendra Barala, citing the teacher’s ‘insensitive’ statement in reference to the death of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel in the recent Pulwama attacks.

Barala, a third-year student, has claimed that on the day of the Pulwama attack, he tried to show a video of the incident to the teacher outside the classroom. According to him, the teacher refused to watch it, claiming it to be propaganda material. “The professor said why feel sad for those who are there to die,” he alleged, also saying that the teacher held the same stance the next day.

According to The Times of India, Barala said, “The teacher told me that I should not be emotional. The army-men are dying in North-East and Jharkhand as well.” He mentioned that he took the teacher to the police station for his apparently anti-national comments, and wanted to get him arrested. What happened at the station, however, was different because the cops arrested Barala instead.

Contradicting Barala’s claims, the teacher, under conditions of anonymity, said that there was no truth in his statements. “He (the student) assaulted me and then dragged me to Maurice Nagar Police Station,” The distressed teacher further added, “However, I managed to file an assault case against him.”

The teacher claims that he had told the student to not pay heed to WhatsApp videos, as they are often fake, or part of propaganda. The video that the student wanted him to see was one of the numerous others that mushroom at sensitive times, where social media should be used with caution, and only accepted after thorough verification of the facts.

The teacher has filed a police complaint and Barala received a showcase notice from Joint-Teachers’ Consultative Committee on Friday, 22nd February 2019,  to explain his behaviour. Besides, Professor Ved Kumari, Dean of the Law Faculty has assured that a committee would be made to look into the matter.

The teacher said that Barala wanted his views on the attack, to which he condemned the attack. He also informed Barala that any act of terror was unjustifiable. “We must also criticise the government,” he added, which may have instigated the student to attack him and force him to the police.
DU Beat tried contacting the authorities, but they were unavailable to comment.

With inputs from The Times of India

Image Credits: University of Delhi


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