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The University of Delhi is a hub of intellects from various corners of India and abroad. The name and fame of DU are spread far and wide. However, how well is this fame justified?

Delhi University is a dream of many. From Assam to Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh to Kerala, students flock in to study in the centuries-old, prestigious university of India. Be it privately funded or government aided, the colleges under DU are known for the excellent courses provided in Arts, Commerce, and Sciences. Illustrious reputation doesn’t necessarily ensure everything proficient. And I say that because of the pros and cons that must be highlighted in lieu of the hype that people relate to a national university like ours.

As I begin in favour of the university, I must say that the liberal staff and students are the pillars in making DU differently awesome. From Pinjra Tod to Nazariya, students of DU are collectives of various mindsets that have helped shape the future of the university.

  1. Less stringent curfew timings for the girls’ hostels: After upheavals from students communities about the huge differences in the in timings of boys’ hostels and girls’ hostels, the curfew timings of many hostels became less stringent, allowing the girls to stay past 10 p.m. at night.
  2. LGBTQ representation: People of all genders must be paid equal respect and attention – that’s what has been the main agenda of the queer collectives that stand to empower the students of DU and Delhi-NCR region. This is indeed a great step towards creating awareness about equality in every aspect of social life.
  3. Social work for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs): The National Service Scheme (NSS) and Equal Opportunity Cell of DU provide ample services for the students who have entered the university through the PwD quota. Ranging from scholarships to placements, no student is denied help when needed.
  4. Dynamic societies: DU is known for its vibrant societies, be it dance, music, drama, or photography. The fame of these societies is spread far and wide as they have won in national platforms.
  5. Flexible class hours: More than anything a student can ask for! The teachers are cooperative, in many cases and allow for rescheduling the classes. In fact, for internal examinations, the dates are chosen by the students. How grateful are we?
  6. DU is cool enough to have created the excellent course design of Cluster Innovation centre (CIC). Students who enter CIC through entrance tests can later choose their own set of subjects and that too in the college of their choice, provided they have good grades. Which other university in India has given the student this choice?
  7. Politically active students try to make conditions better here in DU. The student unions work for better fests, better amenities, and a better environment for all.

Cracks and crevices are a part of every institution. As much as we are grateful for everything mentioned above, we should also highlight the ills of the institution.

  1. When we talk about the infrastructure of DU, we do have a frown on our face. Be in the classrooms in the government aided, and semi-government colleges, something or the other is always missing. Fewer classrooms and ever-increasing number of students has led to the downfall of the infrastructural amenities. The students’ unions are trying their level best to pave way for the coming batches to take over the improved base in the college.
  2. Student exchange programmes: DU hasn’t been much active in the student exchange programmes from different colleges in India and abroad. This is a lag that DU needs to work on to provide better opportunities to students.
  3. Specialised courses: DU doesn’t provide extensive specialised courses in the various disciplines of the university. This makes the students opt for other universities for higher education when they want to go for specialised courses.
  4. More colleges like IHE, CVS: Vocational studies are important courses that need to be more diversified and integrated. Better opportunities can be provided to students who want to go for more branched out disciplines like performing arts, photography, mass communication, etc.


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Radhika Boruah
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Your college life is not fully accomplished without attending at least one outstation fest. After all, outstation fests are not just another activity that features in the college calendar every year. In the mundane life of a student, which basically revolves around food, sleep, lectures, assignments and more assignments, outstation fests provide a much needed break. For weeks in advance, societies start investing their efforts in its preparations. It’s their excitement that keeps everyone going. But is everything about fest, fun and frolic or are there any misadventures too?

Here is a list of all the Pros and Cons of an Outstation fest:


1. Overwrought in rehearsals, students hardly find any time to attend their classes and hence, the compulsory attendance of 66% is compromised. Situation becomes direr if the professors are uncooperative.

2. When you’ll reach the destination, chances are that you will be welcomed in not-so luxurious quarters. Apparently, according to the organizers, any space with mattresses qualify as accommodation, so there is no point complaining. Too few charging points will make sure that in a perfect Snapchat moment, your phone’s battery will die. Though, the worse thing will always be trying to find a deserted and decent washroom.

3. Hours without shelter and too much confusion. Difficulty in finding directions. Sound like a life or death situation? Well it sort of becomes so, if the assigned volunteers are bad. In an entirely new campus, you will need assistance in terms of finding venues, or coordinating your performance schedule, but if the hosts are uncooperative then may god bless you.

4. It’s an unspoken truth and understanding that often the competitions are rigged. If such a thing happens with you, then all the sweat and toil you perfused will eventually go down the drain.

5. Somewhere in the middle of merrymaking, you’ll lose your possessions – friends, phone, money, clothing, sanity and even consciousness!


1. Outstation fest will provide you lots of exposure, insights and learning opportunities.

2. They are a perfect place to meet new people, create contacts and play ‘Never Ever Have I’ or ‘Truth or Dare’ with strangers.

3. Many fests pride themselves in organizing around the clock festivities which means something or the other will always be going on even at 3 am, and gist of maximizing your enjoyment is to turn insomniac while you are at it.

4. Grand fests imply celebrity concerts and being a participant could mean direct (and sometimes free) access to your favorite artist’s gig!

5. However the best thing about outstation fests is that you will make memories. You’ll have pictures to prove that you went, laughed and lived. One day you’ll have stories to tell.

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Niharika Dabral