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Arpit would hum along to the songs he heard, but he could never sing out loud. “What if people think I sound absurd?” he would think. Just one music session a week, and now he’s broken free of his inhibitions and confidently sings at the top of his lungs.

 Mr. Numbers was Shruti’s arch nemesis. She despised him, and he, her. Luckily, a therapeutic session every Saturday not only helped her get over her fear of numbers, but also lessened her fear of being on stage.

They were a group of curious beings, having thought of numerous questions that needed to be answered and addressed, but they refrained from asking them, because they just couldn’t find the right words. Thanks to a session in theatre every week, they now talk like radio jockeys who could take on a crowd with ease!

Stories like this are a weekly occurrence in the classrooms of Project Leap. It turns out that being greeted by a set of forty twinkling pairs of eyes coupled with goofy grins is the ideal remedy for the dreariness of a Saturday morning. In fact, sometimes, the eagerness of their youth and the intensity of their unconditional love can be overwhelming. When you walk in, you know that you started your weekend on the right note, with a thumping heart and a stimulated mind.

The three to four hours that you spend in the Leap classroom are hours swamped with fun and frolic. Sometimes, you end the class with the fulfillment of having helped make education more holistic, but mostly, you leave with a sense of accomplishment. Because you walked in with little, but you walked out with way more.

Leap is not just a project, it’s a wholesome, life changing experience- a journey that stays with you for a lifetime and gives you memories that you cherish forever.

Aimed at enabling holistic development of students in low-income schools, Project Leap is transforming the conventional methods of classroom learning by providing a comprehensive and conducive space to learn through the inculcation of co-curricular activities in the curriculum. Becoming I Foundation’s flagship project is present in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Lea[ is looking for a set of dedicated educators who have a fondness for and prior experience in the fields of dance, music, art and craft, theatre, sports or public speaking to enter Leap classrooms and change the way education is perceived by students. With an innovative curriculum that intends to generate curiosity, constructive thinking, creativity and sensitivity in each student, we aim to radically increase admission rates, decrease drop-out rates and improve learning outcomes, especially by making learning fun, easy and stress-free.

Leap is back with its 8th phase with an aim to create a bigger and better impact, so if you have the belief, the passion and the commitment to make a difference, apply now to become an educator with us and be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Application form: https://goo.gl/o1vOi

For more information, contact: +91-9899720172, +91-8130420748

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