Pizzarro, an old and very famous food joint located at Hudson Lane, North Campus definitely sticks to the old concept of the ‘all ingredient and no fuss’ Italian food they serve. DUB recently visited the cheery old restaurant and came up with the following pointers to rate it:

Location – Located right 0.5 km away from the GTB Nagar metro station, this place is easily accessible and is commonly visited by students and also families.

Ambience – The place is fit to comfortably accommodate over 40 people, and has a dark but cosy feel to it. With its shiny red sofas and chairs, this restaurant is designed to look exactly like one of the bistros in the city of Rome; this place is a delight for the eye and stomach. The youthful vibe it resonates coupled with the delicious smell of freshly baked pizza appeals to all.

Menu – The menu boasts of having a plethora of quintessential Italian dishes on it. The wide array of spaghettis, lasagnes, slice pizzas and salads makes this place worth the visit. Their ‘Spaghetti Bolognaise in Garlic Sauce’ and ‘Roast Chicken Slice Pizza’ made our mouths water in delight. The wide range of mocktails, drinks and desserts available here make it a good place for a casual lunch or dinner out.

Service – The service was good with the restaurant not being too crowded. The staff was friendly, patient and approachable.

Rates – With Italian cuisine usually leaning towards the expensive side, Pizzaro is surprisingly cheap with the cost for a meal for two being just Rs. 500. The prices are light on the pocket of an average student and completely worth the money spent.

This joint is usually open from 11 AM to 11 PM and offers the facility of home delivery as well. With a great decor, friendly staff and the excellent food; this place is definitely one for our young students!

pizarroratingRating – 4/5