Almost all the major smartphone companies are primed to come up with the new releases throughout this year. Not unlike 2017, the bezel-less screen and powerful cameras will continue to be in vogué and the latest released Snapdragon 845 will also be sought after.

Here is a list of the ones you should look forward to:

1. Samsung geared up with foldable screen:

It is no news that keeping secrets is not Samsung’s USP. If the major rumours in the tech world and hints dropped from the Company are to be believed, the next flagship, Samsung Galaxy X can come with a foldable OLED screen. The CEO has, as tom’s guide suggests, already sanctioned the new project. Moreover, the official Samsung website last November even came up with a support page for a similar model. This phone might actually land in the market in the first quarter of 2018, as Axon M from ZTE already features this technology and the Korean will not want to be too late to the party. Also coming this year would be Galaxy S9 with the tried and tested curved Infinity display and dual rear cameras.

2. One Plus getting better of the best:

The One Plus is what every start up dreams to be. The Pete Lau- Carl Pei company has already established itself in the big league with some ground breaking smartphones with the best value for money over the last four years and there is no reason to not expect something similar from One Plus 6 – unless it decides to skip a number again this time. Having already mastered bezel minimisation and dual camera with 5t and 5, this brand of powerful phones may actually feature Face Recognition System with on screen fingerprint sensor and even stronger battery and QHD screen this time.

3. New iPhones X plus and X2 in times of falling trust:

The digital market research firm TrendForce has indicated that Apple would be coming up with iPhone X plus and X2 by September this year. Also mooted to make an appearance is the SE series, after the two year hiatus. The company majorly will be focussing on enhancing the size this time, with the all the three iPhones plnned to have a screen size exceeding six inches. However, the company will be making it a point to resolve the trust of their customers by cutting down on most notorious updates and also by making them more transparent over the issues of performance and battery life starting with iOS 11.2.5.


Feature Image Credits: Appleinsider

Nikhil Kumar
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