In a shocking incident that took place on the 9th of December, in College of Vocational Studies, a German Shepherd pet dog named Shanky was brutally killed by her owner Sukhbir. Sukhbir works as a sweeper in the same college and kept Shanky in his quarters located inside the college premises at the back of Principal’s bungalow.

Sonya Ghosh, an English Professor at CVS, who works as an animal activist told that she was called by Sukhbir and informed that Shanky had escaped and bitten another safai karamchari. By the time she reached downstairs, she came to know that Shanky was badly beaten by Sukhbir. Immediately, a PCR arrived on her request and the body was sent to Tuglaqabad Animal Husbandry Hospital for post mortem.

The post mortem report revealed that Shanky was hit repeatedly, especially on her chest area which resulted in the bursting of her lungs. In the end, she was tragically smashed on her head. On digging further, it was found out that the pet dog had not bitten anyone and was killed because of another reason. For the past three years, she was being taken by Sukhbir for breeding in spite of Professor Sonya’s perpetual requests to get her sterilised. The dog had recently given birth to five babies and had become irritable because of her confinement in the quarters. Shanky killed four of the five babies, thus preventing Sukhbir from making money out of selling the puppies. Out of spite, the owner ended up killing her.

An FIR under the Penal Code Section 429 was lodged on the same date and according to sources, Sukhbir may get arrested for animal abuse and also for being an unlicensed breeder. Shanky had turned three this year and had been a favourite amongst students. She was often seen playing with students during the football practice. The news of her tragic killing spread rapidly through WhatsApp and Facebook, with many students expressing shock and disappointment.