Medina, the annual theatre festival organized by Ibtida- The dramatics society of Hindu College is the only theatre festival of its kind at DU that truly celebrates the spirit of theatre.  Started in 2009 under the flagship of Pehel, Medina has been a platform to bring burning social issues to light and express them creatively. One of the country’s finest dramatics events, the two-day festival embraces the beauty of theatre in every form, be it the classic stage or the rustic street. With participation from Delhi University colleges and institutions across the country, Medina is a highly anticipated and critically acclaimed festival. Medina Day 1- itehad-i-ibtida, the street play event   (1st march) Itehad is the street event of Medina. The teams are welcomed with songs or spoofs made on their play, creating an exciting and fun filled atmosphere. Since it is not a conventional competition but a celebration of theatre, the teams do not perform their annual street play. Instead, a new system is introduced every year. Last year, all the themes and topics of the teams were shuffled and given to them randomly. Following this,  each team got 2 hours to prepare a new street play based on the given theme and title. This year, themes won’t be shuffled, because every year in Medina, something new happens. Teams  are eagerly waiting to see what is in store this year. Registered teams must come at 9am. The event closes with some prize money for each participant, and some fun awards such as best upcoming street actor of DU theatre circuit, etc. 1st 2nd and 3rd positions are given based on how well the theme was adapted or incorporated. Day2- kissa-i-ibtida, the stage event (2nd march) Kissa is the stage play event of Medina. Plays are shortlisted based on the script, which are then performed in kissa. The beauty of this event is that there are no 1st, 2nd or 3rd positions. Instead, there are awards for different aspects that are appreciated in a play. Kinshuk Shreyas best actor award is the most important award of Kissa. This award is in the name of a super senior who passed away, but continues to live in our hearts. Informal events- On the day of Kissa, three informal events will also take place, namely, AD MAD, POPULAR SCENE PARODY MAKING and FILMY CHAKKAR. AD MAD Ad mad is the event in which teams of 3-5 people can participate. Each team gets a funny object, such as x-ray glasses, invisible quilt, etc., which they have to sell using a jingle, product name, brand, its uses and benefits. Teams need to come up with hilarious pieces and perform them in 2-3 minutes. POPULAR SCENE PARODY MAKING (spoof) Teams can have 4-10 members. These teams are given two or more popular scenes or movies, whose spoof they have to make on the spot. The teams are given 15-20 minutes to prepare. FILMY CHAKKAR Filmy chakkar is a quiz based purely on cinema. Teams of 2 are entertained. One incorrect answer can lead to defeat! Day 3- alumni meet Medina ’13 wraps up with its alumni meet at 6pm on 3rd march. Ibtida has its roots in its super seniors, who have had a major hand in making Ibtida what it is today. Alumni meet is the time when the old meets the new, and imparts some of the Kissa’s and knowledge.]]>