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Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad(ABVP), the student wing of RSS organised a press conference on 2nd September to discuss the work accomplished by ABVP-led DUSU last year. The panel consisted of Amit Tanwar, Priyanka Chhawri, and Ankit Singh Sangwan, the three outgoing DUSU office-bearers along with Monica Choudhary, ABVP’s National Secretary, Bharat Kumar, the State Secretary of ABVP and Saket Bahuguna, their National Media Convener.

During the conference, multiple achievements by ABVP in the past years were brought into notice and the rolling issue of discriminatory girls’ hostel rules was discussed. They further went on to talk about their role in a fight for printed mark sheets and hunger strikes held to promote students who had failed their last year of college. The outgoing Vice-President, Priyanka Chhawri spoke in length of the initiatives taken by DUSU in the past year, which included the DU paralympic sporting events and a university wide marathon being organised in North Campus along with cultural events and intellectual seminars under their hood.
Saket Bahuguna, ABVP’s National media convener touched upon subjects like DUSU’s controversial budget and the prevalence of violence across DU. Amid accusations, lies and slander, ABVP alleged opposition parties of putting forth “off-beat agendas to misdirect attention” and the university administration that had failed to competently handle the issue of permanent appointments in the staff. After a one-sided discourse on DUSU’s activities, questions were raised about ABVP’s involvement in the Ramjas issue and their stance on the thousands of posters defacing college walls throughout the campus. On this issue, Saket said, “It is practically impossible to cover all colleges that vote in DUSU in a span of 2 days. Even if we go by the cheapest means of transportation, we cannot cover all cost under 5000 rupees. Demands for a wall of democracy in every college has been placed in front of DU authorities, but no improvement has been observed.”
The conference concluded after the question-answer round and a hopeful parting note for DUSU elections 2017.
The party released its manifesto today.

Image credits: DU Beat archives

Vijeata Balani

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