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Coming as sheer joy for the first and second year students, the DU administration has decided to turn SEC and AECC courses into pass subjects. A minimum pass grade will be required for them, which will not be included in the overall evaluation.

After a substantial amount of deliberation, this move has been undertaken for the greater ease of the students. The administration received flak from students last year for making the AECC course which includes Environmental Studies and Communication Skills, compulsory. However, many students were disappointed when AECC scores decreased their overall SGPA.

According to Varsha Negi, a student of Ramjas College, “Many of us were really disappointed with our EVS grades. The syllabus was not only vast, but instead of increasing out SGPA, this was the subject which brought it down.” Even the administration recently agreed that by making AECC a pass course, burden on students will decrease and they can also receive sufficient information about the two subjects easily.

As far as SEC is concerned, the CBCS batch of 2018 that are currently in their second year, will be the first lot to appear for this examination. The move to make even SEC into a pass course has been taken consciously, for the same reason. Not only have the students been provided with hazy syllabi for their respective subjects, but no textbooks as such have been set by the administration. Moreover, the second year students who earlier have been studying for 5 compulsory papers, will now have to attend only 4 compulsory papers and one pass paper.

According to Mr. Dadlani, a member of the DU Examination Committee, “Now that the SEC and AECC papers have been made pass subjects, with only a minimum grade to be required, we hope to ensure that the students receive sufficient information from these subjects, while not being excessively burdened to excel in them. This will also allow the students to focus on other important papers as well.”

When asked about his opinion on this move, Atul Jain, a second year student from SRCC remarked, “This is what we’ve been wanting for, the entire time. Finally I can focus on my main papers instead of wasting excessive time on AECC and SEC papers.”

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Swareena Gurung
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Image Credits: Daily Mail