Hidden within the terrace of a tremendously down-trodden (could give it no stars whatsoever) hotel by the name of Navurang Guest House in Paharganj, the Shim Tur Korean Restaurant is one of the many eateries serving Korean food in the area. Unless referred to by someone, a visitor unfamiliar with Paharganj would not even consider looking for this place.

Started by Mr. Chang, nine years ago, this particular restaurant is not in plain view but can only be accessed after passing through a ‘shady’ corridor and climbing up to the third floor of Navurang Guest House.

But once you reach your destination, it is pretty much the warmest ambience to devour an authentic Korean meal at. With few tables for guests and a kind of peaceful serenity, one can eat away from the noise and crowd of Paharganj’s market area, while being very much in the heart of it.

For Delhi University students looking for not-too-costly Korean cuisine, this would be an apt location, serving not only scrumptious Korean food like Kimbap (rice wrapped in sea weed), Kimchi(a spicy and tangy side dish which Koreans eat along with almost every meal), egg-soup, pork, beef,squid and other vegetarian dishes; but also food which provides immense value for money. Here food is prepared with care and good taste, minus the taxes and VAT! Korean Coffee and Tea are also available, although there is no section for desserts.


Winter season is at its peak and the evenings here are absolutely enthralling. Most customers, about a 100 people a day, visit this small space during January and December, while in the summer, footfall would be approximately 30 people per day.

The crowd here is also mixed, ranging from Koreans visiting Delhi, Europeans and Australians to people from various parts of India. There is a board that has been filled up by passport size photographs of visitors. Also present is a small library made up of Korean Anime comics and Lonely Planet guides (all written in Korean).

The food here is terribly delicious, especially during winter’s spell when the air is crisp and cool, with the food being equally hot. Cutlery that we are used to is very much available, though eating with chopsticks has its own charm. So if you are a foodie who loves trying out newer cuisines, or simply a Korean fan (be it the sitcoms or the culture) or a DU student awaiting an exotic meal for not much money, the Shim Tur Korean Restaurant is the place to go.

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Sapna Mathur
[email protected]