The Fine Arts Society at Sri Venkateswara College which is a culmination of most of the performing societies of the college, organised their orientation on the 7th of August, 2013.

The orientation comprised of performances from Verve – The Dance society, Alaap – Indian Music society as well as the Dramatics society of the college. As a closing note to all these performances, a movie about the college made by the students of the Film and Photography society was shown to the freshers.

Choreo performing their Annual piece.
Verve-western dance society.
Verve – The Western Dance Society showing their moves!
Alaap-indian music society
Alaap – The Indian Music Society
Free redbulls to welcome the freshers.
Free Redbulls to welcome the freshers! As said – ‘Art’ gives you wings!

Sonam Satija and Geetika Varshney

shayari. For the seniors, the day meant no classes and checking out the cute juniors and of course, free refreshments. The day included a performance by the always pumped up dramatics society – Ibtida and introduction by Presidents of other clubs and societies. The freshers got a taste of the one thing that Hindu has always indulged in with great passion – politics. NSUI and ABVP could be seen campaigning with great vigor, handing out chocolates and cards of their candidates to all present. It was a fun-filled day, with everyone interacting and opening up to the new atmosphere which was now their home for the coming three years. The orientation program at IP College for Women, began at 10 am on 23rd July as notified by the administrative office of the college. Due to on going construction in the auditorium, it was held in the gymnasium instead. This one hour orientation started with the introduction of the college as Delhi University’s first women’s college and proceeded with the various rules and regulations pertaining to the college. The college principal, Dr. Babli Moitra Saraf emphasized on the anti-ragging policy of the college in particular and Delhi University in general and how fortunate the students are, who are getting to pursue the four year undergraduate program for its a student friendly initiative by the University. Elaborate details were given about the societies of the college, some of the popular ones being Abhivyakti (Dramatics), Laashya (Choreography) and Afroza (Western Dance). The students were also informed about how and when to use the sports facilities provided by the college like swimming pool, gym, shooting range and badminton court among others . After the college orientation all the freshers were asked to attend the orientation of their respective departments followed by a tour of the recently renovated college. – Surbhi Grover <[email protected]> and Ishika Gupta <[email protected]>]]>