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With most of us being outstation students, we should be teaching you how to wash your clothes, but here we are, with a better alternative, or is it?

At times, we find ourselves standing in front our closet door, exclaiming, “Kuchh pehen-ne ke liye nahi hai,” (I don’t have anything to wear) and wearing the same tried and tested clothes again and again, without giving a second thought. Here are five tips to make the best out of your limited wardrobe, and to add some style to your boring old clothes.

  • Tailor it out!

This goes out especially to those who love a casual day bargain at Sarojini Nagar. Get your clothes tailored, from the money you save, it might take some time to find your perfect fit or your perfect tailor, but trust me, it’s worth it.

  • Shirt Tail Guard

Being college students, we don’t generally feel the need to tuck in our shirts. But once in a while, when that special interview, or that special date comes along, that’s where the troubles begin. Tucked in shirts have a potential to get baggy in response to the slightest movements, and that gets annoying to adjust repeatedly. A simple shirt tail-guard will attach to your shirt’s and socks’ ends, and keep the shirt tucked in, appearing  freshly ironed throughout the day. While being hidden beneath your pants,  these tail-guards do the trick , without that suffocating belt.

  • More Confidence Than Cologne

Every now and then, you would get some ideas of mix-and-match that you would like to give a go, but are afraid to do so. Confidence to pull of anything is essentially more important than knowledge of fashion or colours. Don’t worry, you have got this.

  • Ek Anaar, 100 Bimaar (White Sneaks, Colour Mischief)

Most of us own a classic white or black pair of sneakers. Sneakers are the best casual wear. You can buy some different coloured shoelaces to go with your pair, and mix-and-match according to your will. Remember, it’s the shoes that get noticed first!

  • Beg, Borrow, Steal

If nothing works for you, you can always borrow from your roommates or friends!

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Akshat Arora

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