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Students of NSIT are not allowed to clear their backlogs until the fourth semester. To apply for the same, they are also required to keep up an attendance of 75% for the backlog course and pay an amount of ?10,900. The students mailed Manish Sisodia, asking him to address the issue. Despite his response, no changes have been made in favour of the students yet.

The students of Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT) have recently been facing issues with the way the college authorities have implemented Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) scheme in their college, especially in the cases of backlogs. The scheme was first implemented in the college in 2016 for the batch of 2020. Though CBCS has been in function in all Delhi University (DU) colleges, NSIT has made some changes to it by issuing a notice in the same regard.

There are no supplementary examinations. A student who has failed in a course will have to register for the entire course all over again. Furthermore, the student can do so only after the fourth semester, at the end of second year of college.

“We are unable to get any internship in our first two years if we have backlogs since we can clear it only in the third year. But that is the least of our concerns right now. If the same continues we will not be eligible to give on campus placements exams next year.” a student in his third year of engineering told DU Beat on the condition of anonymity.


An attendance criteria of 75% is applied to all the re-registered courses. Students with backlogs in the 5th semester are forced to attend classes in the subject with the junior students in which they have backlog.The students complain that it not only wastes their time but also gets embarrassing for them.

The authorities further refused to let the students reapply for the course if their current timetable clashes with that of the backlog subject. Students are ready to attend classes after college hours or on Saturday. However, the authorities have refused for the same. Sujata Sengar, Dean UG studies says that the college does not have a proper faculty for the students.The students are being charged a “hefty” fee of ?10,900 to register for backlog course, which includes the payment for tuition, writing the exam, and semester sheets. Since they are paying the required amount they expect the college to arrange guest faculties for them, which is not being done.


The students say that if their timetables clash and they are unable to clear their backlog in their last two years, they will have to do so in their fifth year.

“Our Dean tells us she does not care about our future. So all she means is that we should waste our careers’ and delay them for a year because of backlog. Is failing in a subject a crime? And if we complete our degree in 5 years instead of 4 years, then we can’t apply for higher education anywhere for a year and can’t get jobs also.The college does not even have a proper student council in place to fight for us!” a student added.

Several students wrote emails to Manish Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi and the Cabinet Minister of the education department, asking him to address the issue since the college administration did not pay heed to their demands. Only one student from the third year of Instrumental and Control Engineering got a reply from the minister.

Sisodia simply forwarded the mail to the Director of Education and the Director of NSIT, asking them to take appropriate actions. However, no action has been taken in this effect until now.


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Khyati Sanger

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