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Bhagat Singh Ambedkar Study Circle (BSASC)- Delhi Chapter recently announced the launch of a monthly magazine. The magazine is mooted as an endeavour by the organisation to create a wider platform for debates and discussions relating to various social and political issues concerning the student community. In this regard, Kawalpreet Kaur, head of AISA’s Delhi University unit and a member of the study circle, made the announcements about the magazine through her social media posts on Friday. She focused in detail on the scope of the magazine and the nature of the literary pieces it aims to publish. “The aim of the magazine will be to understand issues related to students in Delhi; topics can range from accommodation, politics, language, gender, caste, race, capitalism, marginalisation, oppression, patriarchy, love, sexuality, university and other such concerns to poetry and prose”, read her facebook feed.

Fayaz Alee, a member of the BSASC’s magazine committee, in a conversation with our correspondent, mentioned the practicality of a monthly publication and how they plan to progress with the concept. “The idea of the magazine is to engage students to write on social and political issues and the magazine will provide such a platform. Despite social media’s presence, a major chunk of students are devoid of such format, and there is a consciousness that they are thinking and understanding the inequalities and all such political affairs that surround them, so a magazine will be a much better medium to approach to such section. That is why we are planning to circulate it amongst DU and other university students and encourage them to share their writings. We will also be posting the articles on a blog which will share the magazine’s news and its content(sic)”, he said.

All the students of the university can contribute to the magazine. Articles both in Hindi and English can be submitted at [email protected] by 5th of October, to be featured in the first published edition. The process of subscription and other details will be released in due time.

Image Credits- BSASC facebook page
Nikhil Kumar
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