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Nail Art has been trendy for a while now and promises to stay in fashion for the time to come. Instead of paying big bucks at fancy salons and parlours to jazz up your nails, here’s how you can actually achieve them at home through the help of the following everyday tools.

  • Masking Tape

While masking tape is definitely one of the most important means of achieving those clean, straight lines, tapes that we use on a daily basis, can also be employed for the same. The application remains the same and can be substituted in the place of it. A variety of effects like grids and Chevron, or simply to avoid spilling of nail paint beyond the enamel, are some things that the tape can singlehandedly solve.

  •  Dotting Tool

In theory, the name sounds majorly complicated, giving an air of importance to the tool itself. However, the purpose of it remains extremely simple; to make dots. In place of a fitting tool, the back of a toothpick or even Bobby pins can be used to achieve that effect of polka dots or round figures in general.

  •  Newspaper

This might seem a little out of the blue but newspaper becomes another everyday utility item that can be used for a nail art technique. You just need a white base coat, rubbing alcohol and strips of newspaper and you can easily achieve the newspaper effect.

  •  Rhinestones, glitter, and gems

The above can be easily availed at a stationery shop at very reasonable prices. For all those girls who love a dash of glitter, this is all they need to really add that oomph factor to their nails.

It is up to the creativity of the artist itself to figure out how to use these techniques in the best creative way possible. However, it becomes important to invest in good quality matte topcoats and versatile nail paints to actually add a professional sheen to it.


 Feature Image Credits: BuzzFeed

Anoushka Singh
[email protected]



Anoushka Singh

[email protected]