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Based on the concept of live online games, this real life adventure location can guarantee you a wonderful and unforgettable experience with friends and family.

If you’re one of those Sherlock Holmes fans who have long been planning to test their secret detective skills and prove the mettle of your mind against the race of time, then Mystery Rooms is one of the perfect places that deserve to be on your must-visit list. Located at Rajouri Garden, you can easily reach the location by road or taking an e-rickshaw from the Rajouri Garden Metro station.

The place is situated on the ground floor of the building and plays around with the concept of escaping out of a difficult situation. It applies a combination of puzzles, riddles, and codes to unlock and escape out of every situation. It has a variety of games in increasing levels of difficulty.

The games that are currently available in the Rajouri Garden centre include Hurt Locker, Lockout, Abduction, and Cabin in the Woods. Beginning with the easiest one, Hurt Locker is a game where you are required to diffuse bombs that have been left behind by terrorists. In Lockout, a game that’s more difficult than the former, you begin as a wrongly convicted prisoner who has to escape from jail. In Abduction, which is the second most difficult game – and the game that we tried our hands at – you are a political personality of your country who has been kidnapped by terrorists and have to escape before your country’s administration bows down. In the most difficult game, Cabin in the Woods, you have to enter into a forest to solve a murder mystery. In all the above games, you get only an hour to escape out of the situation.

The cost of having this experience varies in accordance to your team size and timing of the visit. On weekdays (Monday to Friday) the charges for two, three, and four persons is INR 900, 800, and 700 per person respectively. For a team size more than five, it’s 600 per person. On weekends and special holidays, the charges for two and three persons is INR 1000 and 900 per person respectively. For a team size more than four, every person has to pay 800. While the minimum team size is two, the maximum team size can include only eight persons.

Our team tried our hand at Abduction. A team of three people, as the time was racing against us, we realised that we had overestimated our detective skills, finding out that everything was connected somehow and that no clue or object was useless. Nevertheless, we managed to unlock three out of four stages of the room within the given time, an exhilarating feat.

Do visit this place with your friends, as you’ll take back an experience that you won’t forget!


Feature Image Credits: Srivedant Kar for DU Beat

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