My Bar Cafe


Does the name ring a bell? Does it immediately give you the image of the shady place situated in Pahadganj, known for its dearth cheap alcohol? Well, this My Bar Café is different. Situated in one of the most preferred areas of the city- GK 1, M Block Market, this café has immediately gained popularity owing not only to the already established name, but also the plus points this outlet offers.

For starters, it isn’t as shady as its Pahadganj counterpart. A decently lit up place which is also quite spacious owing to the three floors which also incorporates a separate smoking area. The music and song selection definitely gets a thumbs up. However, this isn’t a place for you to visit if you wish to enjoy your meal in peace and quiet or even have a normal discussion over lunch, as the music won’t allow that.

Though the first eleven pages of their menu boasts of nothing but all sorts of spirits, the food is not bad either. The crispy Chilli Chicken and Honey Chilli Potatoes form a great combination with the drinks. The Veg Manchurian and Chilli Paneer is also a good option for the vegetarians; however, the spiciness of the Chilli Paneer tends to overpower its flavour. A meal for two here would cost you about a Grand, inclusive of alcohol (VAT and Service tax extra).  The location, ambience along with the good food and good music is what seems to be the pull factor of My Bar Café. Not bad for a one time visit or for simply enjoying a few drinks with friends.