Minimalist Wardrobe


Due to factors like lack of space in PGs and hostels, and the chance of moving places after you graduate, it is always a good idea to have a minimalist wardrobe so that there is one thing in life that you have sorted.        

A minimalist wardrobe includes clothes that are dynamic and durable. It focuses more on quality over quantity, because you have the intention of not only having a select few clothes with you, but also keeping them for longer periods of time.

The best way to immediately determine if the quality of a clothing item is good is by looking at what the thing is made out of. “Try thinking about shopping for clothing the way you shop for food. A lot of us look at the ingredients our food is made out of, why don’t we look at the materials our clothes are made out of?” questions Ingrid Nilsin, YouTuber fashion guru.

To declutter, you first need to decide what’s important to you and what makes sense to you. Choose comfort and your personal aesthetic and get rid of the things you’re not happy with. What will remain will be a beautiful amalgamation of pieces that bring you joy which you can dress up or dress down.

You need to focus on classic items, that withstand the test of time rather than going with trends.

Some essentials for both men and women:


  1. Black/white crew-neck T-shirt: A T-shirt is something that almost everybody wears several times a week, and a crew-neck is both practical and stylish. Colours like black and white are the safest options because they go with just about everything, but you could play with colours like olive, brown and grey.


  1. Blazer: A blazer immediately makes you look put-together and creates an impression of you being serious in life. This could come in handy for you ,as students, because there are interviews, seminars, and conferences, etc. popping up every now and then. A good blazer is definitely something you should invest in.


  1. Denims: They don’t kid when they say, “live in Levi’s”. A good pair of jeans will support all of your clothing single-handedly. Plus the variety of cuts, shapes and styles ensures that everyone is happy with their purchase.


  1. Trousers: a more sophisticated alternative to jeans would be a good pair of trousers that fit well and are comfortable. Bonus points for good-sized pockets!


  1. Classic button-down: nothing says I am ready for the world louder than a crisp button-down shirt. These can be dressed up with heels/dress-shoes, or dressed down with sneakers, and look equally good in both cases.


  1. A denim/leather jacket: if you find a good jacket, run with it, and never look back! These could be life-savers for people who possess minimalistic wardrobes and will instantaneously lift up your look.

Apart from these, accessorise like a bag that you trust, a few good pairs of shoes, and a watch will do wonders to your daily look.



Feature Image credits: Invent your image

Maumil Mehraj

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